Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas

    Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas

Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas

It’s been a busy few weeks and Vegas is the place to be!

I made it a point to get more poker hours in this year and I wanted to put those hours in at one of my favorite places, Las Vegas. I’ve been using every chance I can find to make my way out there and my last trip was on glorious Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl weekend is one of the best in Vegas!

Let’s not jump the gun yet. Before Super Bowl weekend, I made my way out to Vegas to hit the felt and catch my bearings. There is nothing like trying out some new places in Vegas whenever you get the chance. This time I was able to try a new place called Beer Park which is attached to Paris. A great beer selection with your typical bar food but it’s done right.

Beer Flight and Backyard BBQ Dog at Beer Park Las Vegas Nevada

I couldn’t decide on one beer so I went with the flight. Let me tell you, there were no bad selections on it. Paired with the Backyard BBQ Dog and you’re good to go. It’s nice to sip some beer and have a bacon wrapped dog with it. Plus, that view will keep you coming back for more.

Beer Flight at Beer Park in Paris Las Vegas Nevada

Look at that view! It’s a pretty cool rooftop sports bar with a casual vibe. Definitely check it out when you get the chance.

After Beer Park, it was off to Fremont Street to see what was crackin’ downtown.

East Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

Made my way over into East Fremont to see some more of Container Park. I wasn’t quite sure what Container Park offered and it blew my mind.

Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

Take a step into this great arena of boutique shops and restaurants and embrace it. This place is beautiful and there is something for everyone. Take the kids to the playground and enjoy the storage container shops. It’s really a cool place and a great use for these shipping containers. It was just a wonderful night seeing everyone exploring this community and enjoying the businesses here.

It was time to get back to the strip and hit the tables for some more poker action. Oh yeah, if you ever want to get downtown without paying a fortune on Uber, Lyft, or taxis, just get a bus ticket on the strip and ride the Deuce or the SDX downtown. They are cheap, convenient ways to get around town. Try it!

My hunger was picking up on my way back to the strip and I hit up one of my favorite Italian spots in Mirage, Portofino. Now I’ve had lamb chops before but nothing comes close to these bad boys. These were the best I’ve ever had.

Lamb Chops at Portofino Mirage Las Vegas Nevada

I know the lighting isn’t great but these were amazing. I cut those lamb chops with a butter knife. This is a nice restaurant and I felt weird using my hands to get all the meat off the bone but I just couldn’t help myself. You just have to try these once in order to understand how good lamb can be. So good!

Then it was off to the tables for the beautiful swings of poker. There wasn’t really any hands that stick out too much from the trip besides getting hit with a few set over sets. That’s always fun. It’s been weird just breaking even over the past few trips but I suppose that happens when you’re going for value. Sometimes after I bust, I just need to get up and go for a walk.

The Bellagio had some cool displays up for the Chinese New Year that are worth a look.

Chinese New Year Display in Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

They filled one of their foyers with a huge Chinese New Year display. It was pretty amazing seeing what they came up with. There were a lot of people taking pictures and I think they captured the essence of the holiday in a festive and honorable way.

Year of Rooster at Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

It was definitely the Year of the Rooster up in there.

Bellagio also had a cool sculpture gallery near the “O” Theatre. When I look at art, I don’t really know what I’m looking for but I can tell you that these take an immense amount of work and skill.

Sculpture Gallery in the Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

I think Bellagio does a great job creating a high-end, opulent environment that I believe their clientele appreciate. Take a walk through and enjoy everything they offer. I tend not to go to the Bellagio since it is a little further off the strip and I’m just a little lazy. If you’ve never been, take the time to experience this amazing place and take it all in.

Fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

Oh yeah, they have a free fountain show that happens everyday right outside.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was back in Vegas for the Super bowl. I figured this was a great time to hit the tables and get in the action.

Beers and Poker During the Super Bowl Las Vegas Nevada

Started with a small stack at the beginning of the game and this kind gentleman decided to double me up with my jacks. Thank you sir!

That was a great game by the way. That 4th quarter action was insane. The room was alive and there was so much yelling and cheering. It was intense, plus Excalibur was giving away a bunch of money for every field goal, touchdown, and safety. Great promotions, action, and beer!

Later, I made my way over to MGM Grand and noticed they totally renovated the Rain Forest Cafe. That whole area became a artsy, retro-gaming area. It looked awesome and I was able to get a few pictures.

Remodeled Area in MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada

They moved the horse racing quarter game! I love how everything in the area isn’t about gambling but giving people a good time with each other.

Remodeled Area in MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada

Off to the side they had some video games, pool tables, and shuffleboard. Great renovation MGM!

Turns out the game at MGM wasn’t popping and I didn’t want to wait for a seat so I ran back to Excalibur. It was a good move too.

Poker Chips at Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada

There was a lot needed run good and I was just gettin’ the money in good. You ever have those games where all of your draws complete and the other player has a 2-pair or a set? Yeah, that’s how this game was running. The game went deep into the night and I got hit with a few hard hands. I put someone all in for about $135 when I had pocket kings and he had pocket queens. I hit my set… but the board is a flush and he has the queen. Just my luck. Can’t complain though, the game was still good. On a side note, never a bad way to end a trip than with a straight flush.

The Nuts at Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada

I did get there on the river with a pretty ugly hand, but sometimes you need to have a few of those in your range. Should have priced me out.

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m sure things won’t slow down anytime soon. Stick around and see what happens on the felt in the future. If you happen to catch me out and about, say hi and we’ll grab a drink! Cheers!


-Diligent Wolf

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