Time to Let It Ride

Time to Let It Ride

Time to Let It Ride

First, I wanted to update everyone on how my little investment went. Jonathan Little had a pretty good run in one of the events at the Hard Rock Poker Open and I was able to get a little something on top of my initial investment.

Staking money from Jonathan Little in Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in Hollywood, Florida

It’s always nice to get your money in good and have it pay off. A big thanks to Jonathan Little as well, playing strong and stacking chips.

I took this little bit of money and thought it would be fun to hit up the Mother’s Day special bingo games over at Colusa Casino. This is a little casino resort in northern California, out in the boonies. I figured it was worth a trip out there to check it out and play some bingo.

Mother's Day Bingo at Colusa Casino California

I bought the specials and the little computer thing that has the extra games in it and a brand new dauber.

Between a bunch of I-24’s and G-57’s, I came up short with the luck. The grandmamma’s were gettin’ it though. I’m glad they were having a good day and makin’ that money. They deserve it. Spend time and be good to your mommas.

Bingo is a great way to gamble all day on a budget and your odds of winning actually aren’t too horrible. Just have fun with it and relax as you stamp those numbers.

Colusa does a great job with their bingo hall and calling. They were organized, paid well, and were accommodating of everyone there. Check it out if you get the chance and take momma or grandma with you.

Colusa Casino California

Summer and WSOP season are right around the corner and it’s time to live it up. I will keep you all updated with my travels and gambles. Stay tuned for all of the action. Until next time, cheers and good luck!


-Stamping Wolf

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