The Good Ole Slot Tournament

The Good Ole Slot Tournament

The Good Ole Slot Tournament

I recently ventured out to Vegas on a offer for a hotel stay with free entry into a slot tournament. This particular invite was from Gold Coast and I saw it as an opportunity to visit this off strip location to check out a new spot while getting free odds to make a little money. Killing two birds with one stone. I made the 3 night reservation and already knew what I was in for. These slot tournaments are a joke. These slot tournaments are never really a great value unless the house is giving you a freeroll in which I say, “Go for it!”

Slot Tournament Machine at Gold Coast Las Vegas, Nevada

In case any of you out there are wondering, there are a couple ways a slot tournament can be run. There is no strategy to these. It’s simply button mashing. Usually old button mashing too. There are some slots tournaments that have a certain amount of spins or an amount of time. When there is a time limit, it’s best to just hit the button as quickly as possible. The more spins you get in, the more points you rack up. So I’ll give you guys the rundown of how these tournaments go.

  1. You sign-up or check-in to get your machine number and time of play.
  2. Show up on time and sit at the machine you are assigned.
  3. Mash button until the time or amount of spins is up.
  4. Let them record your score.
  5. Return for each round and continue mashing buttons.
  6. Show up for prizes.

Sometimes the big prizes have a time in which they have to be collected by. Make sure you ask if you’re unsure. Asking questions is never a bad thing. Have fun and just enjoy yourself. I hope this little guide helps. Good luck!


-The Wolf

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