The Best Things are Free

    The Best Things are Free The Best Things are Free The Best Things are Free The Best Things are Free The Best Things are Free The Best Things are Free

The Best Things are Free

So the Hard Rock Hotel out in South Lake Tahoe decided to give me some free nights Memorial Day weekend. Can you believe this? It was crazy. So I decided to take a trip out there and spend a few nights there. Now it’s always a good idea to have a few other things to do other than gamble for an entire weekend. I’m not gonna lie, I would love to gamble all weekend but it only takes one bad run and your bankroll is donezo. So I packed my bags and made the long, windy car ride up into the Sierra Nevadas.

Once I checked in and dumped my stuff, it was time to hit the poker room. I made a run over to Harveys to check out the action. The game was soft and I began tearin’ it down.

Poker chips at Harveys in South Lake Tahoe

Crushin’ the game and having some drinks built up an appetite so I used one of the free food vouchers over at Hard Rock and had a steak. The trip was off to a great start and I wanted to pace myself for the whole weekend. I decided to call it an early night so I could see everything else Tahoe had to offer.

The next day I used another free food voucher at Hard Rock for a quick brunch and then I was ready to check out the hills. I made my way up to Vikingsholm, which apparently is some house on the Emerald Bay beach. It was a little walk but the views were well worth it.

Pointing toward Emerald Bay South Lake Tahoe

Look over there! Breath-taking! Would you look at that? It was a beautiful day out and there were plenty of other people there that had the same idea. I usually try to avoid these places when I know it will be busy but I didn’t mind all of the others too much.

Waterfall near Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe

The water was flowing strong from the tops of the mountains and it was definitely brisk. I had to get down there and feel the cool water in my hands.

Touching water near Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe

Then I made my way to the Vikingsholm trail head and began the descent to the house. There were a bunch of babies in wagons, using their parents as workhorses. The walk down was no problem but it was a little further than I had anticipated. I got down there and looked around but I don’t think it was open for tours or anything. So I slipped in and got a quick look around before anyone noticed.

Sitting at Vikingsholm in South Lake Tahoe

Then the rain started. I had to book it back up the trail and to the car which I definitely was not prepared for. I got back a little more damp than I’d like but it was worth it. After a quick drive and a little breather, it was time to hit the poker tables again. I began killin’ it again and before you know it, it was time for dinner. I decided to try the Forest Buffet over at Harrah’s and it was a good decision.

Food at Forest Buffet at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe

Mmm mmm! Prime rib, shrimp, jalapeno cornbread, and some mashed potatoes. I just wish I could have stayed hungry. You know food is good when you’re mad that you got full. It’s not the cheapest buffet but it is definitely worth the money. And no matter how much I eat, there’s always room for dessert.

Dessert food at Forest Buffet at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe

That Bananas Foster with soft serve and pineapple upside cake knew how to hit the spot. Throw a chocolate covered strawberry in there and you’re good to go, son!

Then the evening took me back to the tables for a few more drinks and good conversation in the poker room. The Tahoe crowd can get a little crazy late at night but that usually means fish and donkeys at the table. People that just can’t wait to give their money away so just make it a point to oblige them.

South Lake Tahoe beachfront

Thank you Tahoe for another beautiful weekend. I’ll be back again to run my hands through your leaves and dive into your crisp, blue waves. See you at poker room, drinks are on me.


-Cheerful Wolf

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