Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

So here we go. I went out to Reno this past weekend with a pocket full cash and high hopes. Little did I know, these hopes were soon to be dashed on the terrible cards that were dealt along with my quickly diminishing bankroll.

It all started on a beautiful Sunday with my bags packed and the sun shining. I drove up the 80 and started singing along to some Weezer. After a couple hours, I arrived at Peppermill. This beautiful Tuscan villa is my favorite place to stay in Reno. My plan was to start a long poker session that would last most of the day. I needed to fuel up and decided to get the prime rib special over at Cafe Milano.

Prime rib from Cafe Milano in Peppermill Reno

I only ate half because I didn’t want to take a nap after. So I took the leftovers to the room and headed over to the poker room. I jumped into the 3-6 limit game and hit a few rough boards that didn’t connect. Before I knew it, I was stuck $100 and needed another rack of chips. For some reason QQ’s KK’s and AA’s were just no good here. I mean, I know that limit poker is a drawing game, with everyone calling every bet down to the river but this was just ridiculous. After busting twice, I knew I had to take a walk so I wouldn’t go on tilt.

Now one of the worst things that happens to me when I’ve taken a few bad beats is that I end up walking through the casino and dumping a few $20’s in machines. These one-armed bandits just rob you too. There’s a reason the casino has so many and they keep most of them in working order.

Goldfish slot machine at Peppermill Reno

After dumping off a quick $100 I decided to head back to the poker room to give it another shot. Another rack in and it was just a cold deck. I decided to get some sleep and just sleep it off. I needed to clear my head and get back on my A-game.

When I woke up, I moseyed over to the pool and took a little dip. I relaxed in the nice cool water and then jumped over into the hot tub. Then I sat out and caught a little sunshine.

Relaxing by the pool at Peppermill Reno

This was just what I needed. I took a quick shower and it was time to get back in that saddle.

I went over to the poker room and decided to jump into a 1-2 no-limit game instead of the limit. After a couple swings, I ended the session up about $50. I needed that little win to repair some of the damage to my confidence in my game. It wasn’t a bad trip but my bankroll definitely took a hit. As a gambler, you have to be ready for the ups and downs that come with the territory. There will always be variance but as long as you stay on your game and keep making good wagers, you should be alright in the end. If you do suffer a few bad runs, take a step back and clear your head. It’s never a good idea to try to chase your losses and dump off a bunch of money. Clear your head and get back in the game.

Playing guitar at Peppermill Reno

I hope to see you all during a huge upswing. Better luck next time Reno.


-Wounded Wolf

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