See You at the Final Table

    See You at the Final Table See You at the Final Table See You at the Final Table

See You at the Final Table

So I had the pleasure of playing the daily tournament over at one of my favorite local card rooms, Capitol Casino. It’s a low buy-in tournament every weekday at 10 A.M. There was a pretty good turnout (about 60).

Capitol Casino starting tournament chips

I started off slow, just folding a lot of hands and trying to get a feel for the table and the other players. Then I hit a couple flops and decided to start taking down some pots. The blinds had reached 100/200 when ran into AA’s in the cutoff. There was a raise to 675 from under-the-gun and a call when I shoved about 3.8k. I got 2 callers and had them covered, knocking one of them out of the tournament with the other rebuying. A few hands later I ran into QQ’s with someone shoving before me. I called and went to the races with another fella comin’ in too. I knocked out 2 more and decided to ride this big stack for a while. Our table broke down and it was time for the first break. I took a quick walk around, had a little coffee, and checked out the action at the cash games. The cash games had pretty good action for 11 A.M. Startin’ the grind early…

Capitol Casino poker floor

I was at about 24k when we came back from the first break and I was ready to get back into it. Now there were no more rebuys or add-ons and it was time to go to work. First couple hands I hit KK’s and pushed pretty hard pre-flop pushing everyone off. I was playing cautious, trying not to give my big stack away. I did run into a rough beat when I pushed with 2 pair against a baby flush that someone had. The blinds move up so quickly in these small tournaments that you really have to pick your spots carefully. The small stacks are just looking for a hand to shove and double or triple up. After protecting my blinds a few times with JJ’s, QQ’s, and 55’s, we were sitting on the bubble. The house took a vote and everyone agreed to pay out another seat to speed things up. After that, two people shoved and we were final tabled. I was glad my big stack had gotten me to the final table. Then it was time for a little break.

Outside of Capitol Casino Sacramento, California

I stepped outside for a little fresh air before gettin’ back to the table. There were a couple short stacks, including me, at the table and the mood seemed pretty light at the table. The blinds were 2k/4k and I only had 11k in my stack. One of the big stacks gave all of his chips away in 2 hands and I was hoping to move up a little more in the money. A short stack was all-in when he entered the blind and I looked down to find KTo. There was a caller and then I shoved the rest of my stack. The caller caught a straight on the river knocking both of us out. Luckily, I had more chips so they placed me higher in the money. 7th place. Not a bad way to start the day. Had some fun and earned a little lunch money. If you’re ever in the Sacramento area and you’re looking for action, definitely check out Capitol Casino. A great local spot with plenty of games to choose from.

I hope to see you at the final table sometime. Good luck!


-The Wolf

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