Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Home to the World Series of Poker, the Rio is set a little away from the strip and continues to attract visitors to their suites. The Rio brings a Brazilian theme without as much festiveness and jubilation. The colorful decorations and obvious theme don’t lighten the feel of this place. With it’s best days behind it, the Rio continues to bring in guests and offer what it can. Let’s jump in and take a deeper look at the Rio!

The Room – 7/10

Rio All-Suite Hotel Room Las Vegas, Nevada

The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the room was the size of it. They weren’t kidding when they call their rooms suites. There was a lot of space, a sectional couch, coffee table, a small table with chairs, vanity, mini-fridge, and a closet. I was not expecting the room to be so big but it was pretty nice. The furniture was a little worn and used with a few stains. Everything looked and felt dated. I had a great view of the pool area below and I really liked the window treatments that gave everything a yellowish tint. Oh yeah, the entire wall was a window. There was something weird though. There was a window from the shower looking into the bedroom. Here’s a picture of the weird window.

Weird Shower Window at Rio All-Suite Las Vegas, Nevada

The room was pretty nice and would take care of most people’s needs. It was comfortable and had plenty of room. The linens and upholstery just need a little touch up and these rooms would be beautiful. Comfortable, spacious, and clean enough. Not too shabby Rio!

The Restaurants – 6/10

Rio All-Suite Restaurants Las Vegas, Nevada

The Rio has quite the selection of places to dine! I found one of my new favorite spots in Vegas, Royal India Bistro. The lunch buffet here was only $14.95 and their Indian food was amazing. The selection wasn’t huge but they put out quality without crazy quantity. Plus, the service was excellent. There were a few options for casual food like burgers, pizza, hot dogs, and Asian food that’s pretty cheap ($10 per item). Everything in Vegas is always a little pricier than other places. There was a Guy Fieri restaurant that was coming soon here that I didn’t want to subject you all to but it’s there if you’re into that. There seems to be only one upscale dining option, VooDoo Steak. They have your typical choices of meats and sides for an upscale price (~$100 per person). The buffet here was pretty interesting. It was $25 per person for lunch but the price goes up to $33 for dinner and $48 for the seafood buffet. They have a seafood buffet on the side that you can add-on but that seems a little pricey. I liked that the buffet showcased street food from around the world. I had never seen that many different kinds of food showcased like that. The food was nothing to go back for seconds for. I usually like to get seconds and even thirds but my mouth had enough after trying most of the smorgasbord. You can see a selection of the foods I tried around the entire property.

Rio All-Suite Food Las Vegas, Nevada

At least the desserts at the buffet were decent. It’s an interesting experience but I think I’ve had enough. Nothing too cheap and not really worth the price. If you have to eat anywhere, I say go to the Indian buffet.

The Casino – 7/10

Rio All-Suite Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

The Rio is like a carnival with all your favorite games you love! With a dimmed sportsbook tucked away next to the sports deli, you can hedge your bets without missing a play. There is a huge selection of slot machines throughout the casino floor. The video poker and keno machines had decent odds but not the best. You could find your 9-6 video poker machines and 7 spot 400 payouts for 6 in keno. They have all of your favorite themed and classic games sprinkled across the property. This poker room was live. They only had $1-$3 no-limit games going and there were thousands of dollars on the table. There was plenty of action. The table games had your typical odds but there weren’t any $5 blackjack tables in sight. Blackjack was usually $10 minimums but the blackjacks did pay 3-to-2. They had plenty of craps, blackjack, roulette, 3-card, 4-card, Pai-Gow, and Let It Ride. The odds were fine for the pit games but I wish I could find those cheap table minimums. All in all, it was a decent casino floor but I just wish there were some lower table minimums and better payouts on the machines. It was just one of those places you didn’t really feel lucky.

The Amenities – 6/10

Rio All-Suite Amenities Las Vegas, Nevada

When you’re not trying to get lucky on the casino floor, be sure to check out what else is going on at the Rio. There are things for everyone to do from shows to zip lining to just relaxing pool side. The two shows offered by the Rio are Penn and Teller and Rock of Ages. If you’re chasing after that childhood whimsy and magic, definitely check out the Penn and Teller show, a Vegas icon away from the strip. Rock of Ages is a show that will take you back to the 80’s with some of your favorite music and a story about love. If shows aren’t your thing, get pampered at the spa with massages and treatments. They will cost you a pretty penny but sometimes you have to spend a little to treat yourself. For nightlife, check out the rooftop VooDoo lounge for cocktails, a beautiful view, and a chic atmosphere. The pool is also a great place to relax, grab a drink, and beat the heat. There are some cool alcoves built into the pool to get out of the sun but the pool brings a real resort feel to the Rio! Be sure to check out all of these great amenities that are sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

The Ambience – 6/10

Rio All-Suite Casino Stage Las Vegas, Nevada

The Rio brings a Brazilian street fair feel without the upbeat festivities. The scantly clad waitresses didn’t look too enthused working the floor. The music was your typical pop music. The lighting was good, allowing for privacy when playing but also bright enough to feel comfortable. The decor was fitting and works well with the theme. The casino floor is also very spacious with high ceilings and open spaces. the flow of the casino is a little awkward with no real path and sometimes confusing with the upstairs catwalk and trying to find a way down. I don’t mind the feel of this place. It wasn’t crazy the nights I was there but I did like the theme. Not too bad for a quiet place to gamble.

The Value – 7/10

The Rio has value being away from the strip. The prices at this property are fairly low but it still comes with a hefty resort fee ($29 per night). You do a lot of room and some nice amenities for the fee but it’s still not cheap. The restaurants here are a little pricey and you will end up paying a bit for them. Rio is a part of the Caesars family or Total Rewards. They may give you better offers based on play at their properties so be sure to be a member. The drinks are comped as long as you are playing. Like I said before, the payouts aren’t great and the table minimums are a little higher so you have to be careful with your bankroll. The biggest drawback is not being on the strip. You can ride the shuttle to the strip from 10 A.M. to 1 A.M. They know you’re kind of trapped to the location so the prices don’t really go down. I would say definitely check out the Rio if you’re looking to save money and don’t mind being a little ways from the strip. Keep your wallet tight when you venture to the Rio!

The Family-Friendliness – 4/10

There might be some better places for the kids but it is Vegas. Vegas is a hard place to bring the whole family but Rio has a few things to do with the kids. There are the shows and the cool resort style pool for the kids. You get them away from the strip which could be a little too intense for the little ones. The waitress uniforms are a little revealing but it’s nothing they won’t see at the swimming pool. No arcade or games to play with the kids. Dogs are allowed here for a $75 per night fee so feel free to bring the little guys. There isn’t too much around the Rio to walk to so be ready to catch rides wherever you are trying to go. It’s not the worst place for the kids but there are better spots. Keep lookin’ around!

The Service – 4/10

This is where I’m torn. Usually places give me fantastic service and I never have to complain but I have to put a big one in here. I’m not sure if it’s a common thing but it was when I arrived. When I got to the Rio I was hungry and tired. I just wanted to eat, shower, and get some rest. After I ate, I went in to take a shower and no water came out. I tried the sink, nothing. I called the front desk and they told me there would be no water in the rooms on my floor and above. That’s a pretty big misstep there. How can suites not have water? They told me it wouldn’t be back till the morning either. Wow. So I just swallow it, went to bed and took my shower in the morning. I figured I would get some sort of compensation, like waived resort fees or resort credits or something. I called and got the runaround until a manager finally told me that they would waive the resort fee for that day. Really? That’s it? Incredible. Besides this event, everyone else was pleasant and offered great service. Sorry Rio, that’s a pretty bad blow to your customer service.

Rio – 58.8% (47/80)

That about sums up the Rio. A cool spot away from the strip. It has its ups and downs but if you want a cheap spot away from the strip, this might be the place. Definitely check it out on your next trip out and be sure not to miss those shuttles back from the strip. Cheers and good luck!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for the Rio:

3700 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: (866) 746-7671

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