Quick Trip to Reno

    Quick Trip to Reno Quick Trip to Reno Quick Trip to Reno Quick Trip to Reno Quick Trip to Reno Quick Trip to Reno

Quick Trip to Reno

So let me tell you all about a little trip I took this past weekend. I made a quick little run out to Reno, NV because the Grand Sierra wanted to give me two free nights and free slot tournament entry. So I made the drive up and it was a beautiful, with the sun shining and great view. After a couple hours up 80 with Flo Rida and The Killers, I was ready to roll the dice one more time.

I asked for a room with a nice view and they kindly upgraded me free of charge (that just means I got a mini fridge and a microwave). I ran over and got a free pan for just being a member of their player’s club.

Pan free gift at Grand Sierra Casino and Resort in Reno, NV

It always pays to get a membership to player’s clubs so you can get all of those comps. I registered for the slot tournament and it turns out their machines weren’t working, so they gave me a free buffet (worth up to $40). I played a quick poker tournament that I busted out of pretty early because these guys just kept re-buying and it turned into a crap shoot.

Starting poker tournament chips at Grand Sierra Casino and Resort

So I went to the buffet and added a few lobster tails to it (they let you add on a lobster tail for $5). Everything was comped so I figure “what the hell?”

Lobster and prime rib with breaded shrimp at buffet at Grand Sierra Casino and Resort in Reno, NV

After that, I had a few more drinks and continued to lose more money on their casino floor. Those slot machines were tighter than the face lifts I saw. I decided to call it a night with my pockets empty. A quick acoustic session lifted my spirits and I was ready to take on the next day.

Playing acoustic guitar in room at Grand Sierra Casino and Resort in Reno, NV

The day began with a quick trip to the ATM and then lunch at Oceano sushi buffet at Peppermill. Amazing sushi! I don’t know how they get so much fresh fish in the middle of the desert but everything is made fresh to order and tastes great.

Tuna and scallop nigiri at Oceano restaurant in Peppermill Casino and Resort Reno, NV.

I figured a short after lunch keno session was in order and then BAM! $1,750! First time hitting 7 out of 7. I was back in my mode and ready to hit it.

Jackpot screen for video keno at Peppermill Casino and Resort Reno, NV

So I left Peppermill and headed back to Grand Sierra for the slot tournament. I missed my round time and decided to just enjoy the evening with a nice cigar, some Manhattans, and a little gambling. I played some slot, a little blackjack, and ended the night with craps.

My final day began with the worst lunch buffet I have ever encounter and had the disappointment of eating. That Grand Sierra Elements lunch buffet wasn’t worth the $5 they were charging for it. Luckily I got it for free but I have never left a buffet that hungry before. I played a few more slots, without winning of course, and decided to call it a day. I earned enough points to play in a slot tournament they had going on so I went ahead and played and then headed out. Luckily those nights were free. Then I made my journey home and got some much needed rest. Thanks for reading everyone and good luck!


-Sleeping Wolf

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