Poker Chips and Slot Tournaments

Poker Chips and Slot Tournaments

Poker Chips and Slot Tournaments

The weather has been amazing in Northern California and Grand Sierra in Reno was offering me a free slot tournament so I made the short drive out there. It was a beautiful drive with the sun shining down on the snow. A lot of it was melting and had the water flowing. I could tell it was going to be a good trip.

I wanted to get some cards in my hand and headed over to the best poker room in Reno, Peppermill. The Peppermill poker room gives you the best game selection and size with a bunch of amenities for all of the players. It wasn’t long until I was runnin’ hot and building my stack. I was dealt some kings a couple times with a lot of AQ’s. It was just a good game until my kings ran me into a full house. I called off a good portion of my stack but was still alive. I reloaded and it was time to grind again. I ran my stack back up and recouped my losses for a small winning session. There’s always variance in the game but that’s what makes it profitable. You have to be able to run with the variance and keep running your money through your edge.

Poker Chips at Peppermill Reno, Nevada

I missed my round for the slot tournament the first day and had to run both rounds in one day. These things are purely luck along with some button mashing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the more seasoned slot tournament veterans. I did ok but didn’t stick around to see if I won anything. The free lay usually stays on your card for a while so I’m sure I will be back soon enough to check. It was a fun easy trip with some beautiful weather to go with it.

Slot Tournament at Grand Sierra Reno, Nevada

I ended the trip by hitting a few balls at the aquatic driving range. It’s nice launching some balls at the geese and ducks that hang out in the range. You can never practice your swing too much. Until next time Reno. Stay warm and keep the sun shining.


-Sunshine Wolf

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