Peppermill Resort and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Peppermill Resort and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Peppermill Resort and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Just made it back from a short trip out to Reno, Nevada and I will be reviewing the Peppermill Casino and Resort. This is a beautiful, Italian themed resort tucked away from downtown Reno. I will be reviewing the Peppermill based on the room, their restaurants, the casino, the amenities provided, the overall ambience, value, family-friendliness, and service from the staff. Run it!

The Room – 9/10

Peppermill Reno Hotel Room

After a short walk down the halls adorned with Romanesque paintings and soft opera playing, I arrived at my room. The room was clean and decorated well without seeming cheesy. The room was definitely themed to resemble Italian class. The only thing I really didn’t like about the room was the tray of garbage that charges anything you move (unless you put it back within 45 seconds). The fridge was filled with the same stuff with the same sensors. Not cool… Other than that, the room was pretty nice. Great view of the mountains, nice flat screen TV, vanity/desk that can be used to get work done or for yo lady to put her face on (although she’ll probably take up that whole bathroom), and comfortable furniture and bed. The room was clean, comfortable, and nice.

The Restaurants – 10/10

Restaurants and food at Peppermill Reno

You will definitely find something for everyone. There was a great variety of delicious food at the Peppermill. I loved the layout of the restaurant menus throughout the place. The all-you-can-eat sushi special over at Oceano is amazing. Everything is made to order, fresh, and delicious. The prime rib special over at Cafe Milano will leave you and your wallet full and satisfied. The portions are very generous without skimping on quality. The buffet offers a huge variety of tasty eats too. This is the place to take that group of people who can’t decide what to eat. There are also fine dining options such as Romanza, Bimini, and Chi. Peppermill is sprinkled with a few more spots for small plates and you will definitely not go hungry. Peppermill does a great job feeding their guests.

Lounges and bars at the Peppermill Reno

Oh yeah, there are also great bar/lounges throughout Peppermill that offer more intimate settings with delicious cocktails, beers, and wines. Be sure to ask your bartender if they serve food at that particular bar. If they don’t, I’m sure they’ll steer you in the right direction. If you come hungry, you just might be checking in for a food coma. Bon appètit!

The Casino – 9/10

Peppermill Reno casino floor

This is the place to be! there always low table minimums with a wide variety of games to play. The dealers are very friendly and personable. The poker room always has action with a variety of cash games and daily tournaments. Of course, games will break down but there will always be one going on. I have never been in there with no one playing. They will also work with you on the rake if the game gets shorthanded. They have free sandwiches and soup for poker players, but you better be playing! The rest of the casino offers a huge variety of slots and video keno and poker machines (and yes, they are 9/6 video poker and 422-6 out of 7 keno). They don’t offer the pop culture themed slot machines though. I know people like playing some of these machines but Peppermill doesn’t have them. I guess you’ll have to play Lord of the Rings and Beetlejuice somewhere else. The sportbooking is on point here. This area gives you a giant wall of TV’s with every sporting event and horse race going on. There are also plenty of private viewing stations. Excellent casino with great layout, gaming options, payouts, and staff! Time to roll the dice!

The Amenities – 7/10

Amenities for kids at the Peppermill Reno

Two words, heated… pool. I love that their pool is heated and open year round. Not to mention, the pools are gorgeous. I have seen kids out here playing with the snow and then jumping back in the pool. If the kids can’t swim or it’s a little too chilly, they have a pretty cool arcade. The arcade recently added a plethora of 80’s arcade games such as Joust, Frogger, Paperboy, Punch-Out!!, etc. They also carry the modern, crazy games like Dead Storm Pirates and Transformers. I actually love being a big kid in here. I’ve never been a fan of the games that give tickets but they have these here too. You get to spend your 100’s of tickets for pencil erasers and other garbage. It’s a pretty nice arcade that should keep the kids busy for at least a few hours.

Peppermill Reno Spa

When you aren’t throwing your money in the machines on the floor, you can hit the spa or fitness center. I have never personally been to the spa but I have heard many good things about it. They have their own private pool to get away from all the little ones in the main pool. Plus, you get a great view from the balcony above the pool if you want to catch some rays and enjoy a cocktail in peace. The fitness center is one of the best I have seen. Plenty of machines and weights with towels and bottled water offered upon arrival. There is a small rec room with medicine balls and mats for any type of exercises you’d like to do. And the fitness center is complete with a sauna. Later in the evening, you can hit up the Edge night club. This club is open Thursday through Sunday. I’m not big on the clubs but I’ve heard it is very nice inside and everything you’d want out of a club. A $20 cover charge seems a little steep for a club in Reno. That’s just my opinion though. That about sums up the amenities here at the Peppermill. There are definitely things to do, but there isn’t a huge selection.

The Ambience – 9/10

Peppermill Reno ambience and decor

The architecture and decor of the Peppermill is beautiful. The columns, terraces, arches, and statues tie the Mediterranean feel together. With soft opera playing through the halls and hotel, the feeling of relaxation and luxury surrounds you. The window tints create warmth and comfort throughout the resort. The casino floor has many mirrors and high ceilings making the space feel enormous. There are great views from around the world playing throughout the resort on their many flat screen TV’s. Definitely great views throughout. The dealers and bartenders are dressed in formal attire while the cocktail waitresses are dressed liked upscale showgirls. The comfortable furniture, beautiful lighting and fixtures, and color schemes all compliment each other to make for a gorgeous resort.

The Value – 8/10

The Peppermill is not the cheapest place to visit out of pocket, but they do begin offering free nights and entries into events only after playing a little bit (~$200). I would say they offer their guests a lot in terms of free offers and comps. Many of my meals have been on the house as long as you get your play tracked. Make sure you get their player’s card! The drinks are free as long as you are playing which is the only way to do it. There is a $15 resort fee but I think it’s worth it with the excellent fitness center and the heated pool. I know those things aren’t cheap and I know they put that money to use. The entire resort is kept very well and maintained too. The restaurants are fairly priced and you will definitely get the bang for your buck. The Peppermill does offer many daily deals so always so always ask about specials. Splurge a little at first and definitely check out the Peppermill!

The Family-Friendliness – 5/10

This wouldn’t be my first choice to take the kids. I would say this place is more for adult fun. They do allow service dogs at the Peppermill but that’s it. Not the most family friendly environment but definitely not opposed to it. I saw most kids at the pool with their parents or grandparents. The heated pool is definitely the place for the kids to be here. If you are looking for a place to take the kids for longer than a few days, there are probably better options out there but don’t rule this one out. You’d probably be better off hiring a sitter and then hittin’ the town!

The Service – 10/10

The service at Peppermill is fantastic. They do a great job of remembering my name when I visit. The dealers always ask me about how I’ve been and genuinely seemed interested in our conversations. The servers at restaurants remember my order and always check up on me. I would say they do a great job of making you feel welcome and cared for. They do the best they can to accommodate your needs and requests, of course, within reason. Great job Peppermill, you always make me feel at home.

Peppermill – 83.8% (67/80)

I hope this review of the Peppermill in Reno has been helpful as you choose where you want to stay next. Maybe I’ll catch you by the fire at the Fireside Lounge. Abbondanza!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for the Peppermill:


Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

2707 South Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89502


Phone: 1-866-821-9996



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