Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun

    Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun

Over the Horizon to the Setting Sun

Spring break just kept on rolling along. After my second slot tournament round and a delicious prime rib, it was time to get on the road down to Vegas. I bid farewell to my friend that was staying up in Reno a couple more nights. There was nothing but a bunch of open road and sunshine ahead.

Driving Through Nevada on the Way to Las Vegas, Nevada

I was taking my time and wanted to stop at a few places along the way. The dealers at Peppermill told me there would be a lake on the way and I stopped by to stretch and get a picture. It looked gorgeous but I had a room in Vegas with my name on it.

Quick Stop at Walker Lake Nevada

You can see how windy it was out there. The car kept shaking every time the gusts came over the hills. There really is nothing out between Reno and Vegas. There is a bunch of desert and trailer parks out there. It kind of looks like Fallout or Mad Max out there. I was able to stop at a small town called Tonopah that had a Burger King. I grabbed a cup of coffee, shot a picture of the sunset and got back on the road.

Sunset at Tonopah, Nevada

The picture really doesn’t do that sunset justice. It’s so hard to capture those beautiful moments with only simple camera work.

I quickly started driving again. I knew that Area 51 was close by and I wanted to try to hit up some touristy-alien junk. Right off the freeway about 100 miles from Vegas, there was an Area 51 Alien Center. I just had to stop by to check it out.

Area 51 Alien Center in Nevada

What kind of Alien Center would it be without some alien hookers? Yup. Right next door was the Alien Cathouse. I had no idea this was a thing.

Alien Cathouse Brothel at Area 51, Nevada

I wasn’t too interested in taking the tour. I couldn’t pass up my chance to be a Gray and decided to take a couple pictures with their kitsch alien photo ops.

Getting to be a Gray at Area 51, Nevada

I filled up the car, got a few snacks, and was on the homestretch. I could feel Vegas getting closer. The electric in the air, the money flowing through the city, and hopes and bankrolls being crushed. I was ready to take on the swings of Vegas. I pulled in later in the evening and just wanted to get some food. There weren’t too many options at the Rio so I just grabbed a couple items from the Sports Deli. They were surprisingly better than I had expected.

Pizza and Burger from the Sports Deli Rio Las Vegas, Nevada

The mushroom Swiss burger was juicy and they did not skimp on the toppings. It was cooked to the correct temperature (I prefer medium-rare) and was still hot. The supreme pizza was pretty big with a generous amount of toppings on it as well. Maybe I was just tired and hungry but it hit the spot.

I was glad to be back until I tried to take a shower. Apparently, there was no water from my floor up in my tower. How can your hotel not have water? No sink, no toilet, no bath. This was unacceptable and just tainted the start of my stay. I just had to sleep dirty and let down. Stick around to see if things pick up or if the trip goes down in flames!


-Worn Out Wolf

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