Over Nighter to South Lake Tahoe

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Over Nighter to South Lake Tahoe

Last Sunday I woke up with the urge to get out of town. So I checked my offers and everything was booked up at Mont Bleu, apparently they’re doing some renovations or something. So I decided to spend a little bit ($48 on Travelocity) to check out the new Hard Rock Casino that opened a couple months ago where nasty Horizons use to be. After packing a little, I hopped in my ride and hit the road.

I made a short stop at Red Hawk Casino in Placerville, just up 50 from where I live. I had a free cup of coffee and used a little freeplay that I had (but didn’t win, should have known). So I took my cup to go and was ready to get up in the mountains.

Coffee at Red Hawk Casino

I stopped a couple places on the way to take in the view and stretch my legs. The views on the way to South Lake from Sacramento are gorgeous.

View from highway 50 of Tahoe

After getting to to the Hard Rock and checking in, I decided to cross the street and see what was poppin’ across the street at Mont Bleu. There was a free slot tournament that I entered in and sucked at. I guess it is sheer luck, you either get a good machine or you don’t.

Hard Rock Casino Resort in South Lake Tahoe

I decided to get some food in my stomach so I had a couple $2 fish tacos at Cafe del Soul in Mont Bleu. Those tacos are actually pretty good for how cheap they are. When I was leaving the cafe, a Walking Dead slot machine caught my eye. I threw in a $20 and got a few small wins with some “guts” free spins. After giving the winnings back to Mont Bleu playing a few more slots, I decided to head over to Harvey’s for a drink and to play a little poker. They were starting a new 3-6 limit game so I decided to jump in for an easy casual game.

Poker chips at Harvey's South Lake Tahoe

After a couple drinks and crushing the game, I headed back over to del Soul for their $10 steak special. Why not? I was eating from the table I crushed. Steak dinner was actually amazing for $10. Can’t beat those deals at Mont Bleu. A nice after-dinner cigar was in order as I walked off the steak and strolled the stateline.

Steak dinner at Del Soul in Mont Bleu Casino Resort

The call of the poker table was too strong and I had to make my way back over to Harvey’s. I jumped back in the game I was in and continued to kill it. That game was so marshmallowy. It’s nice when someone raises into you when you have the nuts. As the night wound down, I called it a night and walked back over to Hard Rock. I blew a little money in Hard Rock’s tight casino and just went to bed.

I ended the trip with a great burger from Fire Break at Hard Rock. Amazing burger! One of the best Black Blue burgers I have ever had. Then back to the abode back in Sacramento. I’ll be back Tahoe!

-Patient Wolf

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