Nugget Hotel and Casino Review Sparks, Nevada

Nugget Hotel and Casino Review Sparks, Nevada

Nugget Hotel and Casino Review Sparks, Nevada

Good ole’ Nugget out in Sparks, Nevada continues to embody that old West feel. Located just on the outskirts of Reno, Nugget has been struggling to keep with the times and blowing the dust off. They have been renovating without losing their theme but is it enough to stack up against the competition. Let’s take a deeper look at Nugget!

The Room – 6/10

Hotel Room at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

Come take a load off and rest your head. Nugget definitely gives you a lot of room to stretch out. The room still looks a little dated but you can tell they are updating piece by piece. The bed was soft and comfortable but it was still a little springy. It always depends on your preferences and how you like your bed. The bathroom was nice and got the job done. No big mishaps in there. There was not a noticeable theme or decor. It was quite bland but it was comfortable and spacey. I can tell they tried to make the room seem modern with the flat screen TV but even that is already way behind the times. They didn’t leave a bunch of overpriced water and drinks in the room which I always appreciate. Definitely not a bad room and a pretty good place to crash after a long night of drinks and gambling!

The Restaurants – 6/10

Restaurants at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

The Nugget offers a nice selection of eateries that are spread throughout the resort. They have everything from seafood at John’s Oyster Bar (~$20 per entree) to sandwiches and hotdogs at Tailgate Deli (~$5-$10 per item). Nugget’s restaurants vary in price to accommodate any budget. You don’t want to blow your whole bankroll just to eat. Rosie’s Cafe (~$10 an entree) is a 24-hour diner style restaurant and I would say is my favorite place to eat. Rosie’s is famous for their Awful-Awful burger that will fill you up and leave you satisfied. A big juicy burger with your choice of cheese, crispy fries, and a pickle on the side. The Steakhouse is a bit pricier but you get what you pay for (~$30 and above per entree). This is their prime choice of seafood and steaks. Your Filet Mignons, Porterhouses, sea bass, and lobsters. Pull up a seat and bring your appetite. Their buffet ($12 on weekdays and up to $25 on weekends) didn’t really impress me. The selection was small and the food was not very good. The food was bland and I didn’t go back for seconds of anything. I did enjoy the deserts though!

Food at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

The fish and chips at Rosie’s were crispy and delicious. Flaky white fish with a light, crunchy batter. The buffet plate was about as good as it gets. There was nothing really appetizing there. You know I always have to offer a dessert spread. After a nice cup of coffee and some chocolate cake, I always leave ready to take on the day. There are a lot of options at Nugget but be sure to look around for the good stuff!

The Casino – 8/10

Casino Floor at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

Nugget is a great place to get the money in. They offer all of the casino standards such as blackjack, 3-card, 4-card, Pai-Gow, baccarat, craps, and roulette. The table minimums stay fairly low but they can creep up just a touch if it gets busy. The $5 tables aren’t too hard to find. They also have house keno if you want to sit back and take it slow. The sportsbook is nice and tucked away with the lights down low. They don’t have a crazy amount of screens but you won’t miss the action here. They do have a poker room but the action was always limited. They were only offering 3-6 limit when I walked by and they only had 2 tables going. They have daily tournaments but they run pretty quick with small field sizes. You can also grab your dauber and a few cards in the bingo hall. I haven’t seen many casinos with a bingo hall but they got it.

Slot Machines at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

The Nugget also has a great selection of slot machines with different limits. They have your newer themed ones along with the older classic machines. They use to have a cool section that still dispensed $1 coins when you won but they got rid of them. That was part of the charm but I guess they don’t have a place next to the modern machines. They also have a great video poker and keno machines with decent but not great payouts. The nugget offers a great selection of games and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the games you want to play. Good luck and enjoy!

The Amenities – 6/10

Amenities at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

The Nugget has something for everyone away from the tables! The indoor atrium style pool is great year round. You can’t tell from the picture but this was in the middle of winter. When it’s snowing and freezing outside, you can still enjoy the warm water with the family. There’s a little waterfall area too for playing and exploring. The fitness center is right next door if you want to sneak in a workout while visiting. It’s not huge but you can get a good sweat going. The arcade is actually pretty awesome with two separate sections to it. There is one part that has mostly ticket games for those dollar store prizes and the other side for competitive and video games. It’s a pretty cool spot. Strap on your boots and visit Gilley’s for live music and some line dancing. It’s a great Western themed club that is exciting and full of events.

Hot Tub at Nugget Sparks, Nevada

Or you could just relax in the hot tub with a cocktail and good company. It’s nice to look out into the Reno hills as the sun sets.

Showroom at Nugget in Sparks, Nevada

You could also catch a show at the Celebrity Showroom but the entertainment pickings are slim. I would say their selections cater to an older audience. Definitely check out all that Nugget has to offer away from the casino floor.

The Ambience – 6/10

The Nugget still has its old West charm but still shows its signs of wear and tear. They’ve brightened up the casino floor and kept the yellow blinking lights. The brighter lights give the place a little more cheer but it still doesn’t look too great. I like the theme and what the Nugget is going for but everything seems old. The music is your standard casino pop music selection that doesn’t fit the theme well. The dealers and staff are in uniform but they don’t really follow a theme or anything. It seems quite bland. The signs and fonts used throughout look dated which I think add to the charm and I enjoy them. The feel of Nugget isn’t thrown in your face but you can still see it through most of the resort. It’s a fun, classic atmosphere that seems better suited for an older crowd but I still enjoy the feel and look. Git along little dogies!

The Value – 8/10

The Nugget offers a lot of bang for your buck. The rooms stay fairly cheap running about $30 on weeknights and $60-$70 on the weekends. It’s a great place to go when you’re on a budget. There is a $12 a night resort fee that I’m not thrilled about but at least you have some nice amenities to enjoy for the price. The wifi comes with it too. I never like those added fees on top of the price. The comps here are pretty generous and it’s not too hard to get a free or discounted meal here. The drinks are free as long as you’re playing and they make them pretty good here. They also start giving you free play and free nights soon after playing here a little. The prices at the restaurants are good too as long as you pick the right place. The Nugget is pretty easy on the wallet as long as you don’t go overboard on the casino floor.

The Family-Friendliness – 6/10

The Nugget is a great place to bring the whole gang. They have a great pool year round plus the big arcade for the kids. The amenities for the kids are pretty far away from the casino floor so they won’t get any secondhand smoke or belligerent drunkies. You can also bring your furry friends along with you for an extra $40 a night. I know the extra fee is annoying but they still allow them inside. When the kids are all worn out from the swimming and arcade, you can head back to the room for a movie or everyone to relax on their devices since the wifi comes with the resort fee. I wish there were a couple more amenities for the kids but they should be alright here. Bring them all and enjoy your stay!

The Service – 10/10

The service at Nugget has always been wonderful. The staff and dealers are always helpful and make you feel welcome. I remember coming back after a few months after one stay and the pit bosses still remembered me. They give you a personal level of familiarity without it coming off as being tracked. The food service has always been good and my stays have always been enjoyable. Great job Nugget!

Nugget – 70% (56/80)

That about sums up the Nugget. If you are looking for a cheaper stay for the whole gang out in the Reno area, Nugget might be right up your alley. I hope this helps you when you’re trying to decide where to stay. Hopefully I’ll catch you at the tables and we can share a few drinks and laughs.


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Nugget:

Nugget Casino Resort
1100 Nugget Avenue
Sparks, Nevada 89431

Phone: (775) 356-3300


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