Montbleu Casino Resort and Spa Review South Lake Tahoe

Montbleu Casino Resort and Spa Review South Lake Tahoe

Montbleu Casino Resort and Spa Review South Lake Tahoe

Let’s just jump into this. I had the pleasure of visiting the Montbleu this past weekend to see the newly renovated rooms. Nestled in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, this beautiful property brings class, luxury, and comfort together. So here we go!

The Room – 8/10

Hotel room at the Montbleu

I love the newly renovated rooms. There are only a couple things I can call them out on. First, I loved the rustic feel they incorporated with the classic decor. The sliding bathroom door was pretty cool but the door didn’t have a locking mechanism, or at least I couldn’t figure it out. I’m pretty sure it didn’t though. I liked how big the shower was but there was no tub, you all know how much I like my baths. The shower was very nice though. The rest of the bathroom was great. They leave you some $3 water if you’re into that. The bed was comfortable and the view is always amazing in Tahoe. The Montbleu did a great job playing off their outdated rooms with their classic look and feel but this new renovation was much needed. They did a great job updating without losing the appeal they’ve always had. A clean, beautiful, and comfortable room. Great job with the new rooms Montbleu!

The Restaurants – 6/10Restaurants at the Montbleu

There are places to eat at Montbleu but the selection isn’t great. You pretty much have three options: Cafe del Soul (the 24-hour place), the buffet (which is only open on the weekend),  and the Ciera Steakhouse (high-end dining option). I’ve eaten at the buffet once and it was nothing too great. It was your standard hot plates of dried out, bland food. Buffets seem to always be good for the kids since there are many choices. I like the specials over at del Soul because the food is pretty good with nice portion sizes. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the steakhouse yet. Soon Montbleu… soon.

Food at Montbleu Restaurants

This is all food from Cafe del Soul. First, you have the breakfast special. $3.99 for all that. Good for curing any hangover or holding you over until those tacos and Margs in the afternoon. The steak dinner is only $9.99 for a pound of steak and 2 sides. Delicious! They know how to cook to the right temperature too. You get the nice char with the meat staying juicy and soft. I just threw in the cake because I was on vacation. Good stuff!

MontBleu bar cigar shop

I decided to throw in the HQ Center Bar and the cigar shop since these are both consumables also. The cigar shop is actually pretty nice. They have a great selection of cigars that will pair nicely with your drinks in the evening. The fire in the middle of the circular bar was a nice touch, kind of like sitting around a camp fire up in Tahoe. Great selection of comped drinks with plenty of seats to play or relax. Definitely check out HQ and the cigar shop.

The Casino – 7/10

Montbleu casino floor

This casino is quaint, classy, and fun! The layout is easy to navigate with a great selection of games. They have all of the table games that you would want to play with pretty low table minimums. Only when it gets really busy do you see the table minimums creeping up. The video poker and keno have good payouts (9-6 video poker and 422 for a 6 out of 7 keno), but you definitely have to check the machines. They have the horse game! If you have not played it, you have to try it. You just pump quarters into the machine and bet on the horses with the odds you want to take. It’s such a fun, slow drinking game. It’s down by the sports bar so you can watch the game and the ponies. The “poker room” never has any games. It seems like a waste of space when they never have any action there. I would love to play cards there but sadly there is no action. Pretty standard casino with most of your gaming options. Let’s roll the dice!

The Amenities – 6/10

Montbleu pool spa arcade club

The indoor heated pool takes the cake for the MontBleu amenities. The pool is has a beautiful, underground cove feel with waterfall and plenty of hot tub room. It’s a great place to hang out with the kids or relax with your friends. The spa is also in the same area but I did not have the pleasure of visiting the spa. The pricing seems a bit high. I don’t like that the gym costs money to use even if you are a hotel guest. I like to be able to get a workout in when I am visiting a hotel. The arcade looked like a dimly lit, unsupervised hallway with a few outdated games. It definitely did not look like a place to leave the kids. The night club is decent but small inside. They have your typical loud music, limited seating, expensive bar, and scantily clad go-go dancers. It’s pretty fun if you’re with the right people and just want to get down. Plus, the dress code was a little more lax and there was no cover when I went. I know there is a cover but I’m not sure what it runs, but the other clubs were just runnin’ a bit too pricey for just wanting to dance. MontBleu does offer a few things to do besides gambling but I do have to say that the pool is their crowned jewel.

The Ambience – 8/10

MontBleu decor ambience and front desk

I will try to keep my personal bias from skewing my opinions about the ambience at the MontBleu because I love the classic deco style. They did recently do a much needed renovation but they did not update the style. The style has a sleek, classy feel to it. The lighting throughout the hotel and resort works well to give it a warm, and soft feeling. Their use of soft area lighting accents their color scheme. Their geometric furniture, with the matching color scheme, add to the ambience of the MontBleu. The music doesn’t really standout but they do play more than your standard pop music. They will sometimes surprise you with older hits that you’ll find yourself singing along to without even knowing it. There is no clear theme, but the ambience at the MontBleu is definitely pleasant and classy. Got me feeling good.

The Value – 7/10

The MontBleu does offer a lot of value in terms of prices and specials. The room prices are fairly cheap with a $14.99 resort fee. If your room is being comped then the fee is only $5. They try to keep the money in yo pockets so you can use it on the casino floor. The drinks are free as long as you’re playing. I’ve had plenty of $200 “free” cocktails. The restaurants are fairly priced, especially if you hit them up when they have the deals. They do offer alright comps and you should be receiving offers in the mail soon after racking up some playtime. Get their player’s card and start enjoying the perks!

The Family-Friendliness – 6/10

The MontBleu does have a few things for the kids. There is the great pool and the eh arcade. It is Tahoe so it would probably be good to get out and enjoy the scenery and then the heated pool in the evening. The MontBleu does allow service dogs and service dogs only. They do not charge any fees for them either. I did see a few cute ones on the floor and throughout the resort. I would say that the environment is a little more family friendly than other locations I’ve visited in South Lake. They definitely do not seem against the idea of bringing the kids! Have fun with the family!

The Service – 10/10

The service at the MontBleu has always been outstanding for me. I have never encountered any rudeness and everyone there has always been helpful. They are always try to be as accommodating as possible and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible. I was allowed to check-in early (because they had a room available). The people are personable and always willing to talk and make sure your stay is a good one. Great service MontBleu!

Montbleu – 72.5% (58/80)

That about sums it up for the MontBleu. I hope you found this review helpful in selecting where you want to stay in South Lake Tahoe. I’ll see you poolside in the cove!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for the MontBleu:


MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa
55 Highway 50
Lake Tahoe, Nevada 89449

Toll Free: 1-888-829-7630
Local/International: 1-775-588-3515


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