Luxor Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Luxor Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Luxor Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Luxor is the beacon of light to the oasis of the Las Vegas desert. With its giant pyramid shining light into the sky, the Luxor is most fitting in the desert attracting travelers from around the globe. This Egyptian themed hotel and casino is located on the south end of the strip, just minutes from the airport. From first glance the Luxor looks magnificent and beautiful with the interior to match. Let’s get into it and see what’s inside!

The Room – 8/10

Hotel room at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada

On my way up to the room, I was able to take in the Egyptian art and design of the hallways and foyer area. There was lots of open space and everything seemed larger than life because of the scale. The room kept with the theme and was quite nice. Lots of “gold” fixtures along with trim that seemed to fit the time period. Some of the bathroom tiling on the tub seemed a little “worn” and loose but everything was functional and clean. There was a pretty big tub with a stand-up shower next to it, which is nice to always have options. The room was very spacious and had some great views of the sunrise (you’ll definitely see plenty of sunrises in Vegas). There wasn’t anything that could accidentally get charged to your room if you moved it. The bed was comfortable and clean. The room had quite a bit of furniture but it didn’t seem cluttered. There was plenty of room to move about the room with plenty of storage and places to sit and have a meal or just relax and watch TV. I never recommend staying in the room too much in Vegas but if you had to it definitely wouldn’t be the worst. The room was pretty nice but it’s Vegas, get out there and hit the Strip!

The Restaurants – 6/10

Restaurants in Luxor Las Vegas, Nevada

The Luxor has a pretty good selection of places to eat. They have their buffet, which seemed like a standard Vegas buffet. There wasn’t too much special about it but I did love the split crab legs. Any buffet with split crab legs is a winner in my books. The prime rib wasn’t bad either, just seemed a little overcooked. The rest of the food was kind of bland or way over-seasoned. This always seems like a problem that a lot of buffets have. There are a few more casual dining spots (Public House, Backstage Deli, or T&T). These places are low-key but the prices don’t reflect that. They are still a little pricey for casual dining ($14-$20 per entree). The higher end dining options at Luxor are nice but still seem too close to the noise and bustle of the casino. They do have dress codes and would be a nice upscale dining experience but not too intimate. I do like the selection but the food is mediocre. Not too bad but bring those prices down or give me more bang for my buck.

Food from restaurants in Luxor

The Casino – 8/10

Casino floor at Luxor Las Vegas, Nevada

Luxor’s casino has most of the games you’d want to play. Their poker room isn’t really a room, more like an area. It kind of looks like a smoker’s area with limited action. They usually have one or two games (if they’re lucky) going at a time. There are evening tournaments but you pretty much make the final table by buying in. They have the standard table games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, 3-card, 4-card, let-it-ride, and craps) with pretty low table minimums. In the evenings, table minimums begin to creep up into the $10 or $15 range. It can get a little packed but you shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding a seat. Their sportsbook area is nice and tucked away near the poker room. The lights are dimmed and the seats are comfortable so you can enjoy the game away from the rest of the casino craziness. They have plenty of slots and video poker and keno machines. Some of the video keno pays are a little stingy (335 for a 6 out of 7) but the video poker payouts seemed alright (9-6). Definitely look around at the machines to find the best odds you can. They also have the themed slot machines for everyone that wants to find their favorite and hit some mini-games while playing. You find most of the things you want to play here but check the payouts before dumping some money in their machines.

The Amenities – 7/10

Amenities at Luxor Las Vegas, Nevada

Just like the rest of Vegas, there is plenty to do away from the casino. The Luxor offers plenty of places to enjoy yourself without putting everything on red or snake eyes. The pool is pretty nice with plenty of places to lay and soak up the sun or jump in and cool down. There was an area that you had to pay to get into and I’m not a big fan of that. There’s a nice little cabana bar outside for all of your beverage needs but be prepared to dish out some bills. They do have a spa with all of your typical treatments but you know that everything in Vegas costs you an arm and a leg. Unless money is no object, be prepared to put up top dollar to treat yourself. The spa is also where the fitness center is and as long as you’re a hotel guest you have access to this. So if you need to burn off those buffets or all of those drinks from the night before, you have a place with plenty of weights and machines. There are a couple cool exhibits that are pretty cheap if you have some younger ones with and you’re looking for something to do. The Bodies and Titanic exhibit will definitely give you something to do with everyone. When the sun goes down, be sure to check out some of the amazing shows at the Luxor. The Luxor has the Jabbawockeez, Criss Angel, and Carrot Top. They have quite a variety of shows so hopefully you’ll find something that everyone in your group can enjoy. If you just want to get down on the dance floor then LAX is the spot. You can stay in house and enjoy the music and nightlife of Vegas. Enjoy!

The Ambience – 10/10

Ambience and decor of Luxor Las Vegas, Nevada

The Luxor definitely embodies Egypt and the spirit of being a pharaoh. The sheer scale of everything in the Luxor makes it seem so out of this world and magnificent. They also do a great job of keeping the place upscale without it seeming too cheap or fake. I’m glad they didn’t dress the staff up in costume or anything and kept it somewhat down to Earth. The music is your general pop music that is usually upbeat and won’t turn anyone off. They do a great job of incorporating the theme throughout the casino, walkways, and rooms. The lighting makes the giant sculptures even more awe-inspiring. The colors stay in the theme of Egypt and opulence and I believe the Luxor does a great job capturing this.

The Value – 4/10

The Luxor offers some cheap standard rates during the week as long as there are no events going on at that time. The room rates can be as low as $35 a night. A drawback is that the resort fee here is $28 a night, that’s almost as much as those low rates I was telling you about. That’s kind of hefty there. They do give you a coupon book upon arrival but a lot of the deals will only save you a little bit or give you so much off if you spend a lot. You pretty much have to spend quite a bit in order for the coupons to be worth it. I do like that the Luxor is connected to other resorts as well, making it easier to hop from place to place without having to venture out into the weather. The restaurants aren’t very cheap and there aren’t too many freebies here. The comp system is pretty stingy and it’s very difficult to earn enough comps to help pad the expenses (Luxor’s comp system is lumped together with all sister properties of M Life). Don’t expect to be showered with goodies!

The Family-Friendliness – 3/10

Luxor isn’t the best place to take the whole gang. There isn’t too much for the little ones to do here unless you want to take them to all of the shows and even after that you’ll have to find a few things for them. The pool is definitely a plus but it is seasonal. There just aren’t too many things for the kids and you don’t want them just wandering around the Strip without you. Also, Luxor only allows assistance animals. You will have to show that your little furry guy is a service animal to get them in those doors. Luxor just isn’t the best place for everyone to have a good time.

The Service – 8/10

The experience I had at the Luxor was quite exquisite. I was not treated rudely or disrespected. All staff was courteous, helpful, and inviting. I only have two problems with the employees at Luxor. The drink service was a little slower than my liking. I know the floor is pretty big but I like to get a drink before my entire bankroll is blown in one machine. Also, I do not like the people trying to sell you show tickets or whatever they are doing as you’re clearly walking somewhere and trying to enjoy your trip. They constantly ask how long you’re staying and if you’re 25. King of annoying in my books. Other than that, the staff did everything to make my stay pleasant and accommodate my requests. Remember, it never hurts to ask. Great job Luxor!

Luxor – 67.5% (54/80)

That about wraps up the Luxor on the Las Vegas Strip. I hope this review helps you when trying to decide where to stay next time you’re out in Sin City. Come find me in the poker room and I’ll buy you a drink. Cheers and good luck!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Luxor:

Luxor Hotel Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas NV 89119

Toll Free : 1-(877)-386-4658
Local: (702)-692-2900


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