Last Minute Runaround

    Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround

Last Minute Runaround

Hey everyone,

I know I have been really spotty with the posts and I hope to catch you all up before the end of the year. What a year 2016 has been… It’s really done a number on us all and the world keeps turning. So let’s see… Where to begin?

So I heard that Brand New was coming out to Reno and I had to see them again. They were playing at Grand Sierra and the theater there is just beautiful. The last band I saw there was The Killers and I knew this show would be amazing also. I bought the tickets and made my way there to reminisce about high school days.

Brand New at Grand Sierra in Reno Nevada

I enjoyed the seat and took the whole show in. Nothing better than some Sic Transit Gloria followed up with some Okay I believe you, but my Tommy Gun Don’t. They were dishin’ it out and I was there to take it.

Brand New at Grand Sierra Resort in Reno Nevada

Soco Amaretto Lime did it for me and my high school flashback was complete.

The nostalgia was fresh in my mind and I ran over to Peppermill for some poker action. I don’t know what it was but those cards were all on my side. I was gettin’ the money in good and holding.

Crushing it at Peppermill Reno Poker Room Nevada

I bought in once for about $120 and ran it up! Nothin’ like floppin’ top two and someone jamming on the river with top pair. These are those nights that make your heart sing.

It was nice to run good at Peppermill because I needed a little extra money for the World Series of Poker Circuit Event out in South Lake Tahoe. I figured I’d take a shot at a ring event and lasted quite a while.

WSOP Circuit Event in South Lake Tahoe

Eventually, my luck ran out and I ran my pocket tens into pocket queens. It’s funny because if I had just called the 3-bet pre-flop and saw the 2 aces on the flop I may have been able to push him off his queens. Calling the 3-bet would have just left me too short stacked and I just needed to get the money in. These things happen and you move on to the next one!

Time to blow off some steam shooting some clay disks in sunny California. Sometimes you just need to shoot something! It was my first time and I was just glad to hit a few. Not the best but not the worst. I’ll definitely shoot again!

Skeet Shooting in the Boonies Shotgun

After unloading a few rounds, I was invited to some home games in town and decided to hit them up. Sometimes people want to run it tournament style and some just want to run cash game. I’m usually down for either and just enjoy the company. You never want to be the guy that takes everything too seriously. Enjoy the game and be social! You can still take their money with a smile on everyone’s face.

Poker Home Games in California

I enjoy the home games and the company. It’s always nice meeting new people. Always have to keep those feet moving. As I travel I take some time to look at my shoes and think about the stories they have in them. If these shoes could talk.

Worn Out Shoes at the Airport Sacramento, California

Probably time to get some new ones before my next ventures. The year is wrapping up fast and the holidays are right around the corner.

Delta Airlines Waiting to Take Off

Check back to see where I’m off to next and see how the year wraps up. I hope you all have had a great one and are ready for an even better year. Time to set our heads straight and make this an even better year! Good luck and come again soon.


-Active Wolf

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