Know When to Hold ‘Em

    Know When to Hold ‘Em Know When to Hold ‘Em Know When to Hold ‘Em Know When to Hold ‘Em Know When to Hold ‘Em

Know When to Hold ‘Em

Reno is my go-to spot for a quick, cheap get away. I needed to get some good food, stiff drinks, and hot cards in my hands. Sunday afternoon I packed a small bag and called up the Grand Sierra. They let me get a free room and I was out the door. I made a little stop on the way up and decided to get a cream soda. I mean, who doesn’t like cream soda? It’s only one of the best flavors ever created.

Shaq Cream Soda can

Shaq should quit trying to shoot free throws and keep making cream soda. This was quite tasty. A few hours up the road and I was back in the Reno hills. Those beautiful hills make for great sunsets. I know these pictures don’t do it justice but don’t lose sight of the beauty in the world.

Sun Setting on the Reno Hills

After dropping off my things, I went over to Peppermill and jumped into the 1-2 no-limit game. It seemed like a lighthearted table and I was feeling pretty good.

Poker Chips at Peppermill Reno

About 3 hands in, I picked up pocket rockets (two aces) and there was a $14 raise in front of me with 3 callers. I decided to shove as there was enough money in the pot and got a call from 2 of them. My aces held up and I was up quite a bit from early on. I played for a few more hours but the table atmosphere definitely changed from that point on. The players were chasing and making pretty big raises pre-flop so I decided to walk with my winnings. There is no better way to end a night like this than a big, beautiful ham steak.

Ham Steak from Cafe Milano in Peppermill

Throw in a couple eggs and hash browns and you’re good to go. Great end to the first night in Reno!

I got up pretty early and was ready to take on the day. The Heartland Poker Tour was going on at the Grand Sierra and they were down to the final table in the main event. I went to check it out and trust me, poker is a lot more fun to watch on TV, when you can see the players hole cards.

Heartland Poker Tour Final Table at Grand Sierra

It’s pretty cool to see what was going to be on TV but I was ready to play some cards myself. Peppermill definitely has the best poker room in Reno and that’s where I like to play. I went down the street and needed to get some food before my poker session. The prime rib special is definitely something you should check out if you make your way to the Peppermill.

Prime Rib at Cafe Milano in Peppermill Reno, Nevada

Perfectly cooked and delicious as usual! Amazing deal and even cheaper when you use comp that you racked up in the poker room.

Back in the poker room, action was building up for the Monday night football specials. The Peppermill usually has football squares that pay at each quarter of certain games and a pretty good food spread for everyone playing. I usually pick at a few items from the spread and it’s pretty good. I was running pretty good. I hit a bigger full house over another guy who flopped a full house and ended up absorbing his chips. Later, I hit a straight on the turn, which also gave another player a set (3-of-a-kind using your 2 hole cards). He re-raised me but after I raised him back he made a good lay down. All in all, the cards were definitely working in my favor. I’ve had some rough runs and these trips just make it all better.

After wrapping up the game, I was ready to head back home and get some rest for the coming week. A long, quiet ride home with the moon shining down on the mountaintops. I picked up some In-N-Out for dinner before starting the week. I’ll be back soon Reno. You always treat me well and welcome me with open arms.

Join me out in Reno next time and we’ll share some drinks and stories around the poker table. Until we meet again, good luck!


-Delighted Wolf

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