I’ll Just Start at the Beginning

    I’ll Just Start at the Beginning I’ll Just Start at the Beginning I’ll Just Start at the Beginning I’ll Just Start at the Beginning I’ll Just Start at the Beginning I’ll Just Start at the Beginning

I’ll Just Start at the Beginning

The stage was set and spring break was looking like an action-packed week away from home.

So this is what was on the agenda:

  1. Head up to Reno for some cash game and tournament series
  2. Drive through Nevada down to Las Vegas for some more poker and exploration
  3. Drive back up to Northern California (hopefully with some money in my pockets)

I was up bright and early Saturday morning to start my adventure. I picked up the rental car, which I got a sweet upgrade from a Jetta to an Equinox for only an extra $5 on my weekly rate, and made my way up to Reno. The drive was nice and smooth with the sun shining and Ginuwine settin’ the mood. It just seemed like a Ginuwine kind of morning.

I made it to Peppermill in no time. The view from my room reminded me that it was a time to treat myself.

Sunny Pool Days at Peppermill Reno, Nevada

I was also excited to bring a friend up to Reno for his first time and show him the ropes. I always love sharing my tips and tricks with newcomers so they can pass it on too. I know it was a beautiful day out but I wanted to take a quick nap before hitting the town.

After waking up, I was ready to get some food and grab a few drinks. The drinks started at the Terrace Lounge and I stuck with the Glenlivet on the rocks. The first day of vacation always sets the mood for the rest of the trip. This one was shaping up to be a good one.

Drinks at the Terrace Lounge Peppermill Reno, Nevada

It was time to hit the tables. There was a lot of action in the poker room and I wanted to get into some hands.

Poker Chips at Peppermill Reno, Nevada

The cards were comin’ my way and I made little money. I usually like to play tight-aggressive poker but once you get a few drinks in you it’s hard to hold back. It’s fun just splashing around in the pots and seeing what happens later in the hand.

A couple more drinks and a breakfast special were in order as the evening progressed. We called it a night feeling good with some money in our pockets.

I definitely felt last nights festivities in the morning. It was one of those “coffee while you sit in the bathtub” kinds of mornings.

Coffee in the Bathtub Kind of Morning Reno, Nevada

Coffee always seems to get me up and out the door. I was moving over to the Grand Sierra since they were giving me a couple nights free with a free slot tournament. It’s always a pain to move your things from one hotel to the next but, I’m willing to put in some work to save a couple hundred dollars. I got ready, grabbed my things, and hopped over to the Grand Sierra.

Ready to Paint the Town Red Reno, Nevada

This day would be my last day in Reno for this trip so I wanted to make the most of it. I grabbed a quick bite and checked out the action in the poker room. This game worked out will in my favor. I stacked a guy that shoved with KQ off-suit after I picked up AQ off-suit on the button. We both hit our Q and I proceeded to stack his chips. A couple hands later, I picked up pocket queens while someone else had pocket jacks. Sometimes the cards come just right and you find yourself in a cozy spot.

Poker Chips at Gran Sierra Reno, Nevada

I always feel weird taking pictures of my chips. I always think it comes off as like cocky.

We decided to end the night with some drinks and cards up in the room. We played some low stakes Omaha and Stoli.

Playing Cards in the Room Reno, Nevada

Good drinks, good company, and good cards. What more could you ask for? It was a great way to wrap up Reno and head to beautiful Las Vegas.

Driving Through Nevada on the Way to Las Vegas, Nevada

With hope in my eyes and a few buy-ins in hand, stick around to see how Vegas welcomes me back!


-Hungry Wolf

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