Holdin’ Down the Fort

Holdin’ Down the Fort

Holdin’ Down the Fort

Lately I’ve been laying low and haven’t ventured to any new places. I’ve been feeling that itch to get out there and create some new memories. Every now and then, there are times that I must put in a little work around the homestead. I do dream about the places I want to go and where I will be off to in the near future. I’ve been thinkin’ about some new locations and I think I have a few that are a great change of scenery with lots of new culture to dive into. It’s always important to take time into consideration. We always put things off because it’s “not the right time.” Everyone’s days are numbered and you can’t get them back. I say don’t wait too long and spend those days with people that are worth the time. There are countless excuses but the days are not. Spend them wisely and cherish them all. I will definitely keep you all posted about my new travels. Let’s make the most of it and take the world by storm. Pull up a seat and play the card you’re dealt.


-Restless Wolf

Written by The Wolf

A social, predatory beast.
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