Hit the Ground Runnin’

    Hit the Ground Runnin’ Hit the Ground Runnin’ Hit the Ground Runnin’ Hit the Ground Runnin’ Hit the Ground Runnin’ Hit the Ground Runnin’

Hit the Ground Runnin’

As soon I returned from Virginia, I was out the door again. I had time to do a load of laundry, hopped in the car, and I was at it again.

A few of my friends wanted to head out to Reno and I couldn’t pass up a chance to hit the felt. We booked a couple nights over at the Peppermill and we were ready to hit it. Peppermill always brings me back to Tuscany and a place of luxury. After checking in, we were all pretty hungry so we hit up Cafe Milano for their amazing prime rib special ($10.99 for huge, amazing prime rib).

Prime rib special at Peppermill Reno Cafe Milano

Then it was time to try to walk off that giant slab of dead cow. We made a few rounds through the casino and had a couple drinks at a couple machines. I was feeling the urge to get some cards in the air and I ended up in the evening poker tournament.

Poker tournament chips at Peppermill Reno

The field was pretty small but I ended up short stacked with pocket 5’s and my caller’s AQ caught up quickly, busting me out of the tournament. I decided to have a couple more drinks while playing some video keno. My friends found me and we threw a few back together.

Drinks with friends at Peppermill Reno

Then I found an empty Pai Gow table and figured this would be a cheap way to get free drinks. One after another, the empty glasses were replaced with Glenlivet on the rocks. The dealers were friendly and open, making us feel welcome and comfortable. There were no topics of conversation that were off the table. After my judgement was cloudy, I made it back to the room for some much needed water and short jam session. Then it was lights out…

Playing guitar at Peppermill Reno

I woke up with that headachey, stomach churny feeling and knew I needed greasy food. I headed back to Cafe Milano to see what they were servin’ up and I spotted “The Conquest” on the menu. I enjoy any sandwich that presents itself as a challenge so I accepted. Generous portion of warm roast beef with melted cheddar cheese on top, sautèed peppers, bacon… that bacon, on sourdough Parmesan bread. Oh, and them waffle fries. So crispy, with the perfect amount of salt. Oof!

The Conquest at Cafe Milano at Peppermill Reno

That was exactly what I needed. I felt my power replenished and I was restored to my former glory.

After recovery, we headed over to the Grand Sierra to use up some free play. Then off to Atlantis to see what was crackin’ under the sea. It’s always nice to do the rounds in Reno and get a little change of scenery. Used up our free play there and then back to the Peppermill. We couldn’t decide on what to eat, so I had a couple of the free sandwiches and soup in the poker room. I jumped in the 3-6 limit game and hit quad deuces that bumped me up a little with the high hand bonus. I left the poker room, doubling my buy-in, and met back up with the fellas. We had a couple drinks, chilled at the Fireside Lounge, and then hit the breakfast specials after midnight.

Chillin' in Fireside Lounge in Peppermill Reno

We were seated at 11:54 P.M. and had no idea about the wait that was about to ensue. This woman took our orders at 12:10 A.M. Oh my damn. We didn’t see food until 12:55 A.M. I was pissed. We spoke with the manager and gave her the business and she took off more than half the bill. I was cool with that and that garbage server didn’t get a tip (I have a feeling she won’t be working there long). We payed for the food and called it a night. All in all, it was a nice quick get away. Glad I could share this with you all. See you by the fire.


-Running Wolf

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