Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot!

    Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot! Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot! Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot! Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot! Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot! Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot!

Hip Cats and Souped Up Rods at the Rockabilly Riot!

Before I could even unpack from Reno, I was right back out there in the warm Nevada hills. This time was for a little bash called the Rockabilly Riot! There were plenty of souped up rides, pin-up girls, and hip sounds. Add in plenty of drinks and food and you have yourself a nice little shindig.

When I pulled into Reno in the afternoon sun, part of Virginia Street was closed with the cars parked on both sides and street vendors were all ready for the people. I checked in at the Silver Legacy and needed to get some food. I figured it would be a good idea to try out the buffet here and this was my first mistake. That buffet was pretty bad. There was a very small selection of bland, flavorless food. I did have prime rib and it was alright, I’ve definitely had better. The shrimp was a little light in color and didn’t really taste that great. It looked good, but my mouth didn’t agree with my eyes. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Food at the Silver Legacy Flavors Buffet
After this mouth disaster, I went back to the room to get ready for the evening. I knew I needed to wait for the sun to go down before venturing out onto the street. After a quick shower and getting my hair done, I hit the streets and made the scene.

Ready for the evening to take me wherever

There wasn’t too much going on the first night. By the time I got out there, the cars were pulling away and the vendors were wrapping up for the night. I just shrugged and made my way over to the ElDorado to play some poker. The game wasn’t going too well so I just went back to the Silver Legacy. There is this Twilight Zone slot machine that I always have to play whenever I go to the Silver Legacy and this was the first good decision on this trip. She took me to the zone and welcomed me back to Reno.

Twilight Zone Slot Machine Winning

This game has a lot of little side things that you can hit while playing along with some cooler mini-games throughout. Definitely try it out. You know I’m not a huge advocate for slot machines but sometimes you just have to treat yoself and play the games you like to play.

I started the next day with a quick trip to the pool. That pool was tiny. It looked like a blue hole in the roof of the 4th floor and it was only three and a half feet deep. I waded into the giant bathtub and tried to lay out in the sun but I just couldn’t beat the sun. The sun was just beating down and telling me to “Git!” I listened and went back to the room to prepare for day two. I put some new threads on and I was feeling pretty good. I hit the streets and got to check out the beauties on the road.

Hot Rods at the Rockabilly Riot! in Reno, Nevada

Reno was welcoming everyone to the Rockabilly Riot! I was taking it all in and trying to stay out of the sun.

Reno enjoying the Rockabilly Riot! and the sunshine

And let me tell you, there was a lot of sun. The cars and people were gleaming in the sunshine.

Rows of parked beautiful cars at the Rockabilly Riot!

But after the sun went down, life got a lot sweeter out there. More people came out to play and there were plenty of sweet tunes to draw them in. There was a pretty amazing band called Los High Tops and that singer could get it. She was killin’ that bass and didn’t miss a verse.

Los High Tops playing outside at Rockabilly Riot!

I went back to the Silver Legacy for some dinner at the Pearl Oyster Bar and Grill. This place definitely redeemed the Silver Legacy in terms of dining. I ordered the jambalaya and it was cooked perfectly. A nice mixture of sausage, chicken, and seafood with some sourdough bread on the side definitely hit the spot. I was full of good food and good vibes. As the night wound down I played a little more poker and broke even. With all the drinks and good company, I would say it was a nice little getaway. If you get a chance, definitely check out the Rockabilly Riot! next year. Reno always has some cool events going on especially during the Summer. I’m sure I’ll be back soon enough. Good stuff Reno!

Night time during Rockabilly Riot! in Reno, Nevada

Good luck and let the good times roll!


-Hip Wolf

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