Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

With the rain and cold on it’s way out, it was nice to get out of the house myself. I’ve been cooped up in the house for the Winter and knew it was time to get out there.

Sacramento has some great wineries and scenery in the surrounding areas. I made my way out to Clarksburg near the water and had the chance to see some farm animals with a glass of wine. There were some goats that had just had some kids and I love petting them.

Goats and Sheep Out in Clarksburg, California West Sacramento

That big black guy in the middle there was hoggin’ all the attention. The smaller ones came to get a few pets in but he made sure he was center stage. His little tail was waggin’ whenever you rub his nose or pull on his horns. They were all pretty loud and made sure they let everyone know I was there.

After checkin’ them out, it was into the chicken coop. I realized that I love eggs and chicken but I don’t really care for them. They just seem made and agitated all the time. They weren’t too happy I was in their house and close to their eggs.

Chickens Hanging in the Coop Clarksburg West Sacramento California

They’re beautiful birds but just not really my thing. Those chickens don’t like a wolf in the hen house.

It was time for a little wine and the only thing around were some mason jars. It was well worth gettin’ out of the house and seeing some rustic farmland.

Takin' a Sip from a Mason Jar Clarksburg West Sacramento, California

With a glass of wine in hand and the sun setting over the fields, you can’t really beat those views. This is a great way end a beautiful Sunday in beautiful Northern California.

Sunsets Over the Fields Clarksburg West Sacramento, California

Let me know if you make your way out here and we’ll share a glass and the view. You can’t put a price on these moments. Enjoy and until next time.


-Rustic Wolf

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