Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Right next to the famous “Biggest Little City in the World” sign lies Harrah’s. A shadow of its former glory, trying to hang on against the surrounding giants. Harrah’s continues to stand tall and try to draw in the people of Reno. A few cosmetic touches and revamping the casino floor is definitely needed to breathe some new life into this place. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

The Room – 6/10

Room at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

The room was nothing to write home about but it did have it’s charm. Everything was clean and in order. It wasn’t a huge room, but there was room to put your things. I did like having the extra seats and little table in case you need to eat some leftovers to cure that hangover. The TV seemed tiny on the long dresser that acted as the entertainment center. The bathroom was nice with the stone countertop and clean tub. It wasn’t huge but it’ll get you clean. A lot of the upholstery on the chairs and the drapes seemed worn and old. They could definitely use some tender care. The artwork didn’t really add anything and just seemed to keep the walls from being bare. With the big, comfy bed as the centerpiece, the room is a nice place to lay it down for the night.

Some Expensive Water at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

Oh yeah, you better not drink that water unless you want to pay $3 for a bottle of Aquafina water. They could have at least gave you lemonade for $3. Come on now.

The Restaurants – 6/10

Restaurants at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

Harrah’s offers many choices for tasty bites. They have your casual dining options, like Quiznos, Joy Luck Noodle Bar, and Hash House A Go Go, if you’re looking for a quick meal without breaking the bank. For fine dining, head over to Ichiban Japanese Steak House or the Harrah’s Steak House to get that grade A deliciousness. Hash House A Go Go gets a little pricier but you definitely get what you pay for. That chicken and waffles is enough for two and they are absolutely delicious. They definitely pay attention to the details all the way to the garnishes. It was a beautiful plate that will fill you up. The buffet was alright. The prime rib was nothing too special, which says a lot because it’s such a beautiful piece of meat. They just need to get a little better at seasoning that bad boy. There was a pretty good selection of items but none of them really had me coming back for more. The desserts at the buffet are definitely their strength. Those crepes were made to order and they are definitely worth the wait. I had plenty of room for dessert and would suggest that the buffet spend a little more time and care with the rest of the food. The noodle bar was a tasty treat after a long night of drinking and playing. Soft beef chunks, tender bok choy, and chewy noodles will hit the spot when the late night hunger hits you.

Food at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

The Casino – 7/10

Casino Floor at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

Trying to find lady luck here. They have your standard casino games, such as 3-card, craps, roulette, blackjack, Pai-Gow, and Baccarat, with fairly low table minimums. It usually isn’t too hard to find a seat either as it never gets really full in there. The sportsbook looks a little dated and could use some new seats and screens. They have live keno if that’s what you’re into. The payouts aren’t the greatest but I think they are set by the Caesars family. There was a pretty good selection of slot machines and plenty of video poker and keno machines. The payouts on the video keno and video poker weren’t the greatest and didn’t offer great odds. There was no poker room which always turns me off. Why not I actually didn’t even play there after checking the payouts. If you were going to play here, I would suggest the table games where you know what the odds are. It’s definitely not your best bet and could use some improvements!

The Amenities – 5/10

Amenities at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

The amenities at Harrah’s are definitely limited. There isn’t too much besides gambling. The workout room wasn’t the best but you can get your sweat on here. The pool was just a hole with water in it on the roof. You can see how crazy that pool was in my picture. The arcade looked alright but there was nothing pulling at the kid in me to stay and play. The Sapphire Lounge is where you would go to get your dance on and enjoy the evening. I popped in there for a second and made a quick U-turn. There were a few older ladies enjoying the music and scantily dressed dancers. I didn’t really see a good time happening there. They also have a salon and spa with most of your standard treatments. It is very pricey and I didn’t get to enjoy any of their services, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty standard. I would only pay money for these things if it was on the house. As for things to do besides gambling, that about covers it. Not great.

The Ambience – 6/10

If you enjoy older casinos that give off a carnival vibe, then this is your place. I kind of dig the older feel to it but I definitely think this place needs some touch ups. I’m always a fan of classic casinos but this place just looks like it never tried to keep up. There isn’t a clearly defined theme. It kind of leaves you hanging. The music is your standard mix of pop music that doesn’t really bother anyone. I was there during football season so the dealers were wearing the jerseys. I’m sure they have uniforms but I don’t think it would have helped much. There are a lot of Christmas-like lights that make the place seem festive but no one really looks like they’re having a good time.

Front Lobby of Harrah's Reno, Nevada

Welcome to the circus at Harrah’s!

Harrah's Reno, Nevada Decor and Ambience

The Value – 6/10

Harrah’s does have some value to offer. Usually the room rates stay fairly low but you know they always have to hit you with that resort fee. The resort and tourism fee isn’t too hefty but it’s still not fun to pay an extra $14.35 a night. I also don’t like that the wifi is only accessible by 2 devices each day with the package provided by the resort fee. They are pretty generous with the free rooms though. Plus, they allow you to combine offers with another player as long as you both have been tracking your play through their rewards card. The drinks are free as long as you’re playing (if you want to call that free). The comps will come slowly as long as you’re dumping money into their casino. The food isn’t the cheapest but it won’t break the bank either. So, they do have a few pluses, but I would say that the advantages are kind of a wash.

The Family-Friendliness – 4/10

Harrah’s wouldn’t be the best place to bring the whole gang. I mean, there are things for the kids to do but they are very limited. The pool and arcade can only go so far. Even the TV’s in the rooms aren’t that great. You can bring your furry friends but it will cost you an extra 60 bones a night. I love bringing them along but that’s a pretty big fee for them. All in all, this isn’t the best place to be bringing everyone and I would definitely consider all of my options before settling on Harrah’s for a family vacation.

The Service – 10/10

Everyone that I encountered at the resort was pleasant and helpful. I didn’t experience any rudeness or disrespect at all. The staff was helpful and welcoming, trying to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The dealers were personable and very easygoing. I would say the service was definitely the best part of my stay at Harrah’s. Excellent work everyone!

Harrah’s – 62.5% (50/80)

That’s about it for Harrah’s. If you’re plannin’ on stopping by Reno, Harrah’s can be a nice place to crash for a few nights. I hope this review helps you decide on where you want to stay next time in Reno. Pull up a chair and let’s have a drink! Cheers!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Harrah’s:

Harrah’s Reno
219 North Center Street
Reno, NV 89501

Phone: (775)-786-3232

Website: caesars.com/harrahs-reno

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