Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Review South Lake Tahoe

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Review South Lake Tahoe

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Review South Lake Tahoe

Well, I’m going to be reviewing the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino over in South Lake Tahoe. This place replaced (much needed) the terrible Horizon. I will be reviewing the Hard Rock in the following categories: room, restaurants, casino, amenities, ambience, value, family friendliness, and service. Let’s do this thang!

The Room – 8/10
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hotel RoomFirst of all, I’m gonna dock a point for the room being a small trek from the hotel front desk. I just don’t like it when you have to walk that far to get to the elevators. The room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino looked beautiful upon arrival. It was clean and very rockstar-esque. I was greeted by a bunch of garbage that you can buy (the teddy bear, the bottles of wine, the robe, expensive gourmet water). The bathroom was a little small and the tub was your standard plastic bathtub. I usually like the tub to be a little bigger but I guess it got the job done. I like the color scheme and everything and the beds were comfortable. I gave the room a little extra oomph because of the great design and decor, plus I had a great view of the lake and mountains. I got to take this cool picture in the one robe they provided.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino chilling in the room

It was a good room, nothing really too much out of the ordinary.

The Restaurants – 5/10

Hard Rock Hotel Casino restaurants

To start off, you don’t have a lot of options here at the Hard Rock. There’s very expensive (Park Prime), expensive (Fire Break), and your small plates (Oyster Bar) and coffee (Fuel). The 24-hour Oyster Bar is pretty cool and it is very accessible from the casino floor. I didn’t get a chance to try it out (and I’m not a huge fan of oysters) but everything looked legit. I did get a chance to try out Fire Break and the burger was amazing. I must say that it was worth the ~$14. They definitely did not skimp on the blue cheese on my burger. The garlic fries were crispy and well seasoned. I didn’t have to add anything to my meal. There were plenty of choices on the menu. I would say the restaurants here are good but there just aren’t enough options.

Fire Break restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in South Lake Tahoe

The Casino – 4/10

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino floor

They should call this casino the Hard Suck Casino because it’ll suck the money out of you quick. I haven’t played at a casino this tight in Nevada in a long time. Their table minimums were pretty high too ($10 and $15). Blackjacks were paying 6 to 5 on a blackjack which was pretty ridiculous. Those are the kind of payouts at the small cardrooms, not at big joints like this. The 25 cent video keno was paying 335 for a 6 out of 7 which is horrible and the video poker was running 8-5. Just cutting corners to make a few more dollars. I mean, I know they just opened and need to make some money but this is not the way to bring back visitors. There was no poker room but they did offer the same variety of slots and table games. If you feel like having a lighter wallet then feel free to roll the dice here.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in room safe

I guess we won’t be needing this…

The Amenities – 3/10

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino amenities

When you’re not blowing your money in their casino, you can visit one of their three(?) amenities. It makes me wonder because they have the fitness center listed as an amenity when it looks like a couple treadmills in a closet. They claim to have the have the biggest pool in South Lake Tahoe which is great because there isn’t anywhere else to swim there. Oh wait, there’s a giant beautiful lake if you don’t want to swim in their outdoor, non-heated pool. At least they do have a place to see your favorite artists perform or to get down. I’m glad they do have Vinyl, their music venue/club, as it is the Hard Rock. And that’s about it. There just isn’t much else to do there.

The Ambience – 10/10

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino ambience and decor

I love the feeling in this place. The Hard Rock does a great job with the rock and music theme. They pay attention to detail and tie everything together with the theme. The player’s club cards look like backstage passes, the room keys are cassette tapes, music memorabilia everywhere, musical artwork, great music pumping on the casino floor, purple velvet couches, and fishnet outfits for cocktail waitresses. The lighting in the evening ties everything together and draws your eyes to every piece in view. Definitely feelin’ the vibe and diggin’ the design. Kudos Hard Rock!

The Value – 3/10

Let’s start off with the $24.50 resort fee. For what? What is that fee for? The pool that was closed, or the couple of treadmills? Seeing that I only payed $48 for the room (off Travelocity), the resort fee was half the price of the room. These are those magical fees that they never tell you about that hotels like to tack on when you get there. I though this fee was too much. I guess it was alright since the room was pretty cheap (even thought it was a week night). Also, I played a couple hundred dollars in their casino and when I ate at Fire Break I earned a whopping $0.60 in comps. Just awful…

The Family-Friendliness – 2/10

This place is definitely not a place to bring the kids. No arcade, no heated-pool, half-naked cocktail waitresses, gambling, and drinking. Just not a place to bring the kids. Maybe during the day you can go hit the slopes, or hike, or hang out at the beach, but not in the Hard Rock. Service dogs are allowed. If you want a nice place to take the kids, you should definitely look at some other places.

The Service – 10/10

Everyone that I encountered at the Hard Rock was polite and courteous. They gave me a room with a great view. On my way up to the room at about 4 A.M., I asked the miss at the front desk for a late check out and she gave me till 1 P.M. free of charge. I like those kind of things. They knew I had been hitting their machines on the floor and wanted to make sure I got the rest I needed. The cocktail waitresses came pretty frequently to make sure my cup was filled. The floor attendants, pit bosses, and bartenders were all helpful and polite. Great service Hard Rock!

Hard Rock – 56.3% (45/80)

I hope this review of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino helps you pick where you want to stay next. Hopefully I’ll see you out in South Lake Tahoe sometime. Good luck and safe travels!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Hard Rock:

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe
PO Box 6426
Stateline, NV 89449

Phone: 844-588-ROCK

Website: hardrockcasinolaketahoe.com

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