Gettin’ Your Money in Good

    Gettin’ Your Money in Good Gettin’ Your Money in Good Gettin’ Your Money in Good Gettin’ Your Money in Good Gettin’ Your Money in Good

Gettin’ Your Money in Good

Recently, Total Rewards offered me a free poker tournament entry to try and win some free play and with that offer came 3 free nights. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and I never like to turn down a freeroll. I booked my room for Bally’s and flew out Friday night to start the tournament on Saturday.

Allegiant Flight to Las Vegas, Nevada

The flight was short and I slept through most of it. When I got in, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the room was. It was beautiful and spacious for a comped room. You can check out the room after I finish the review for Bally’s. It was already pretty late but I figured it would be fun to get in a late night poker session over at Excalibur.

Poker Chips at Excalibur Las Vegas

It was a quick hit and run when there was a raise and re-raise when I picked up aces. I got all the money in and one call with a bunch of dead money in the pot. It was a quick triple up and I was ready to get some food and then some sleep. Ran back to Bally’s and ordered a nacho appetizer at the Tequila Taqueria. I had no idea what I was in for. This was a mountain of delicious chips, cheese, sour cream, juicy chicken, bean, and topped with pico de gallo. I barely made a dent before I had to box this beast up and head back to the room.

Late Night Nachos from Tequila Taqueria in Bally's

Man, just makes me want to take another bite looking at it.

The next day I was up pretty early to play the freeroll tournament that came with my offer. I walked over to the Flamingo and registered for the event. It was a different style than I was use to. Apparently, this tournament was set up like a bunch of sit-and-go’s where the last person from each table advances to the next round. My time wasn’t until later in the evening so I took it easy, got a little work out in, and got some food. After a short nap, it was time to get the cards in the air.

Poker Tournament Chips at the Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada

This tournament was ridiculous. The levels were 10 minutes with antes coming in at level 2. In case you couldn’t count the chip stack, that is 1,500 chips. I was able to make a couple plays and then got it all in with ace-king. Pocket 9’s called and the board didn’t help me. I was out and ready to enjoy the rest of my stay.

I’ve had a few friends that have moved to Vegas over the years and one of them was able to hook me up with some show tickets. I wasn’t really expecting to see a show on this trip but the stars aligned and I never turn down a chance to check out a new show. The tickets were to the Jabbawockeez new show Jreamz over at the MGM Grand.

Jabbawockeez Jreamz at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada

This show definitely pulls you in and makes you want to get on your feet and get down. I wasn’t expecting how intimate the show is but it definitely pulls the audience in making you want more.

After the show, I headed back over to Excalibur for a little more poker and a few drinks. It was a nice end to the day even though I busted pretty quick from the tournament. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself even when things don’t go as planned.

Treat Yoself Sign Las Vegas, Nevada

Stay posted for the second half of the trip and hopefully there will be some live cards and monster pots.


-Optimistic Wolf

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