From Bad to Worse

    From Bad to Worse From Bad to Worse From Bad to Worse From Bad to Worse From Bad to Worse From Bad to Worse

From Bad to Worse

I wanted to get back to you all sooner about my trip down to Southern California but I was down for the count. I finally feel back to myself and want to share the rest of the trip with you all. The end is where it all fell apart.

So, we left off after Medieval Times. The next day we relaxed until a surprise birthday party that we were preparing for one of our family members. We got dressed up and took a few pictures before the big moment.

Dressed up for party in Southern California

The night went great with lots of drinks, good food, better company, and lots of dancing. It was a wonderful way to celebrate 60 years of life.

After that we were all beat and ready to chill out the rest of the trip. Little did I know, there was a lot more on the agenda. The next day was another birthday celebration but it was a little more low key. We just met up at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. I thought it would be a nice, chill get together, but I was greatly mistaken.

Waiting for Food with my Brother at Farrell's

The orders were put in and the waiting began. I mean, I understand it isn’t easy taking a large party’s order, but at least have the food come out at the same time. We waited about an hour and a half for this.

Burger from Farrell's in Buena Park, California

Yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing I was thinking. To make it even worse, by the time I had finished this bland burger and 10 fries, people in our party still had nothing in front of them. I think it’s pretty bad service to feed people at different times. The kids in the group seemed to enjoy the shenanigans though. Apparently, the place is famous for their bizarre songs and dances for people’s birthdays.

Birthday Festivities at Farrell's in Buena Park, California

There it is. All that dancing and singing. And if that didn’t do it for you, it also comes with this.

Birthday Sundae from Farrell's in Buena Park, California

Three hours of my life for this. They even put a cherry on it that just kind of sits there and mocks you. They know you’re stuck because you’re with kids. This ate up one of my days which only left one more day with my momma.

On her last day down there, we decided to get some Korean food before her long flight back. I took her to her old stomping grounds and we hit up the H Mart. The food was pretty good and the price wasn’t too crazy. I like to get things I can’t really get back home so I went with this spicy seafood noodle soup.

Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup at H Mart Garden Grove, California

On the side, we added a few big dumplings. It feels weird calling them dumplings because I’ve always known them as Mondoo. It’s hard to write Korean words phonetically.

Big Dumplings at H Mart in Garden Grove, California

These things were big. The insides were filled with chopped up noodle, egg, and pork. Delicious. We ate and she picked up a few things and it was back to LAX for a long flight home.

Once my mom was gone, my brother and I continued our typical drunken shenanigans. We watched a few movies, bounced some future ideas off of each other, and reminisced about good times. We also got invited over for some of the best enchiladas I ever had.

Homemade Enchiladas in Southern California

These enchiladas were full of flavor and love. There was a Chile sauce to drizzle on and I made the mistake of slow-pouring. My mouth was on fire for the next 15 minutes or so but it was just so good. I couldn’t stop eating them. When the burning wore off, we sat around shooting the breeze. The kids hung out in the living room watching TV.

Kids Hanging Out After Dinner Southern California

Seeing those kids reminds me of when I was little during holiday get togethers. It wasn’t long until I was in the final hours of my trip and was getting ready to head back home.

The next morning, I packed up my things, ate some In-N-Out with the family, and started the long ride home.

Long Trip Home from Southern California

This is where the trip took a turn for the worse. In the middle of the drive, I hit two big traffic jams. During the second one I noticed I wasn’t feeling too hot and felt a little nauseous with a slight headache. I powered through to the next stop to get gas and thought some fresh air might help. As soon as I stood up out of the car, I knew my body wasn’t having it. I threw up most of what I had eaten that day and maybe a little from yesterday too. I was a mess. I got back in the car because I had a ways to go still. Shaking and trying to hold it together, I finished the lest leg of the trip and immediately got into bed. I was out for the count for the next few days. Let me tell you, having to drive when you’re feeling like that is one of the worst feelings ever. I’m glad to be back to my former self and ready to tackle the new year. Enjoy the holidays everyone and let’s hit the new year with a bang!


-Recovering Wolf

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