Flamingo Hotel and Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Flamingo Hotel and Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Flamingo Hotel and Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

The Flamingo truly captures the feel of Vegas in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. The vintage style and decor brings that old world feel to the ever-changing Las Vegas Strip.  Even with a few renovations and a little polishing, this jewel in the crown of Vegas doesn’t shine as bright as it did before. So let’s dive in and see how the Flamingo sizes up!

The Room – 8/10

Hotel Room at the Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada

I was pleasantly surprised when I first walked into the room because some of the fixtures in the hall and elevators seem a little worn and old. For some reason I was expecting carpeted floors only to find this wood type flooring. I could tell it wasn’t real hardwood floors but it was in panels. It still looked nice. The room was very clean and reminded me of a safari or tropical resort style. I liked the color scheme and had a good view of the natural habitat area below with the animals. There was plenty of room to put your things with a few cool pieces of furniture that seemed to fit the theme. The bathroom was nothing special. I know that bathroom renovations are usually a little more costly so they probably skimped a little on it. It still had a tub and clean, working shower. There was a cool fixture in the wall for tissues and razor disposal. I had never seen one of these before and thought it was a cool vintage fixture.

Tissues and Razor Blade Disposal in Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada

The room was a great place to relax and a clean place to lay your head down. I laid on the bed to test it out and woke up a half hour later. I had no idea the bed would just put me to sleep like that. This room makes a great place to keep the party going or closing the curtains for a little shut eye.

The Restaurants – 6/10

Restaurants at the Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada

Come to the Flamingo hungry and ready to eat! The Flamingo has quite a few dining options for all cravings and bankrolls. I tried to go to the Garden Buffet (~$20 for brunch and ~$30 for dinner) for dinner during the week and found out they weren’t open. The buffet only opens for dinner on Friday and Saturday. What kind of injustice is this? This is Vegas. I should be able to eat as much as I can whenever I please. It looked like it was going to be good but I can’t tell you. The buffet is open for lunch daily but I missed those hours. The Food Court has a great selection of food options at fairly low price ranges ($5-$15). The Steakhouse is a great place to go if money is no object. I did check out the Mexican restaurant Carlos ‘n Charlie’s. This was not a pleasant experience. First, the service was pretty bad. It took about 10 minutes for someone to come take my order and I wasn’t prepared for the 30 minute wait that was about to take place. I guess they want to make sure you are starving before you eat their mess. When it finally arrived, it was not worth the wait. It was bland tortilla, beans, and rice strewn about with overcooked meat mixed in. I mean, you will be full but you won’t like it when you’re eating it. You can see it in the picture below.

Food at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada

Now don’t let the Mexican food sully your idea of the food at the Flamingo. The pizza that you see above is actually amazing. They make it by hand and brick oven. It isn’t too pricey (~$20 for the whole pizza) and tastes fantastic. Explore the options but be careful what you choose at the Flamingo. The food here can be hit or miss.

The Casino – 8/10

Flamingo Casino Floor Las Vegas, Nevada

Let the dice roll! This casino has all of your standard table games (blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, 3-card, 4-card, Pai-Gow). It was a little harder to find a low $5 table. most of the tables had a $10 minimum. I do like the classical feel to the casino with the neon and flashing lights. The poker room has plenty of action with tournaments daily. You will definitely find the limit and no-limit action you’re looking for here. The sportsbook is tucked away on the side. It looked pretty comfortable with plenty of screens so you won’t miss any of your favorite teams play. The lights are also dimmed to avoid any glare. The Flamingo also has live keno next to sportsbook if you’re feeling lucky and prefer it to the video keno. There are plenty of slot machines to choose from with all of your favorite themes and styles. The payouts on the video poker and keno are alright but not the best (400 for a 6 out of 7 in keno and a few 9-6 video poker machines). You have to look for the machines with the decent payouts too. Not all of the machines payout at the same table. Be sure to look around and good luck!

The Amenities – 6/10

Flamingo Amenities Las Vegas, Nevada

Away from the tables, the Flamingo has some sweet spots to enjoy! There is a beautiful natural habitat outside that doesn’t cost you a dime. It was a little chilly out there for those animals but they were making due. You all know that free is my favorite price. The pool has a great oasis feel to it with a lazy river and water slides. The pool is a great place to relax with the kids or kick back poolside with a drink. When you hit it big, you can head over to spa and get the works. At the spa, you can get your typical treatments such as massages, facials, wraps, and waxing. The spa is on the pricey side and will definitely cost you a bit. When you’re feeling refreshed, you can get tickets to one of the shows featured at the Flamingo. Donnie and Marie continue to perform here along with an adult Burlesque show, a few comedy shows, and a great musical impersonator show. There are a few things to do away from the tables so be sure to look around and make it an experience to remember!

The Ambience – 6/10

I love the feel of the Flamingo but it could definitely use some revamping. The classic neon lights and gaudy decor give you that old world Vegas feel. It feels classy but not as clean as it once was. They use the art-deco writing font throughout the casino to keep the classic theme going with the bright flashing lights outside. The music throughout the casino is your typical pop music radio that doesn’t really fit the environment. All of the dealers and staff look clean in their uniforms. The pink lighting throughout plays well with the color scheme and the Flamingo theme. You get the classic Vegas feel with some of the aging wear and tear.

The Value – 7/10

There is some value in this pretty, old property. Their hotel rates stay fairly low throughout the week for a location in the middle of the Strip (~$50 per night mid-week and ~$125 weekends). I also love the pool here and the free Wildlife Habitat outside. There is no better value than free. Plus, you need to take advantage of that resort fee ($18 per night). The Total Rewards card will give you some comps based on your play but they aren’t very generous. It takes quite a bit of play in order to earn enough for a meal or discounts. They do have some cheaper dining options when on a budget. The wifi is limited to 2 devices which I’m not a big fan of, especially if you have the kids with you and they bring their electronics. It’s a great place to stay when you’re on a budget because of the great location on the Strip.

The Family-Friendliness – 3/10

The Flamingo wouldn’t be the best place to take the whole gang. They do allow pets in the PetStay room but there is an additional $75 a night fee for our furry friends. They do give you a few extras, like dog bowls and treats, but it seems a little pricey to bring the pets along. For the little ones, the pool is just about it. There is also the cool Wildlife Habitat but that only takes about 30 minutes to finish. Along with the 2 device limit on the wifi, bring their family friendliness down quite a bit. There really isn’t much for the kids to do. It would probably be better to leave the kids with a sitter and do it big Vegas-style!

The Service – 8/10

The service at the Flamingo was pretty good. The only place that really got my goat was the Mexican restaurant. The lack of attention and the enormous wait. I’m not very demanding and easy to attend to so I don’t understand why it was so difficult. The restaurant was dead too. I was 1 of maybe 5 parties that were there dining. It just really bothered me. Everyone else at the Flamingo was very polite, welcoming, and courteous. I really enjoyed the staff throughout the casino floor and front desk. Great job everyone else!

Flamingo – 65% (52/80)

That about covers the Flamingo. I hope this review helps you when you are looking for a place to stay next time you make your way to Las Vegas. Great location with some of that old school glam! The Flamingo definitely has its ups and downs! Come meet me in the poker room and we’ll get those cards in the air!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Flamingo:

Flamingo Las Vegas
3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: (702) 733-3111


Website: caesars.com/flamingo-las-vegas

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