Finding the Source

Finding the Source

Finding the Source

It’s been a little while since my last post and I’ve had a few things rattlin’ around in my head. I’ve spent the last couple weeks at home, playing some local poker tournaments and exploring the city a little more.

I was thinking about the way that people define who they are. Now, I know that a lot of people describe themselves through the things they do but there is a lot more to people than that. I was wondering about what makes people enjoy their hobbies, or habits and whatnot. For example, I was thinking about what makes me enjoy traveling to various casinos and taking chances on the tables. I believe my joy of risk comes from fear of regret. I never want to look back and wonder how things could have been if I had just taken a risk or was willing to go for it. I know that I also enjoy competition which is why I’m drawn to poker so much. I love the aspect of competing, improving, and eventually besting my opponents through practice and skill. I also love playing music and the creative process of creating something that has never existed. The rhythm and sound draws me to music. I see music as a safe place, free of competition or judgement. Music is my personal comfort zone for me to release what’s in my soul. I agree that there is a lot that you can tell from a person from what they like and choose to do. Another thing I take into account is what qualities or kinds of people that someone admires. Some people admire musicians or artists for their creativity or showmanship while others look up to professional athletes or great thinkers. These things can be a window into what someone holds in high esteem or value.

This also makes me think about self-worth. Some people struggle with self-worth because they believe that they are only as valuable as their abilities. It doesn’t really matter how well you perform in various activities and aspects of life. Everyone is a unique person and has value in their novelty and individuality. Sorry if I got a little profound and thought-provoking, I just get in my head sometimes. Every now and then I find myself taking a step back and looking at who we are. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts about all of this. I try not to lose myself in the things I do and remember who I am. Until next time…


-Thinking Wolf

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