Excalibur Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Excalibur Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Excalibur Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Down on the South end of the Strip, you can feel like royalty when you stay at the Excalibur. A medieval-themed hotel and casino, the Excalibur tries to recreate a regal, majestic atmosphere fit for a king. Let’s take a look at how the Excalibur stacks up!

The Room – 7/10

Hotel Room at Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada

Upon arrival, the room isn’t anything to write home about. It was pretty clean but looked a little dingy. It’s probably pretty tough to keep that many rooms in excellent shape. There was no trash or stains, just signs of wear. The bed was pretty comfortable and looked clean. No tub is always a downer. The standing shower will get the job done but that’s about it. The decor has been slightly modernized with medieval accent pieces. They don’t seem to blend very well. There was no garbage that will charge to your room if you move it. It’s not a bad room but it’s nothing really special. Just a place to lay your head after a long day of hittin’ the Strip.

The Restaurants – 6/10

Excalibur Restaurants Las Vegas, Nevada

The Excalibur definitely has plenty of places to eat. They offer a wide variety of options with varying cuisine and price levels. There is a food court that isn’t pictured but it gives you options like wraps or Popeye’s Chicken or McDonalds. There are a few casual dining options such as Dick’s Last Resort or The Buffet. The Buffet has a pretty good variety of items but it felt more like a cafeteria than a buffet. The foods weren’t anything special and even the waitress told me I would find something I liked. I kept looking and looking. The meats were either very bland or super salty. The salad was the only decent item I could manage to create. I probably wouldn’t eat here again and if you value your stomach space I would advise you to do the same. There are some quick bites you can grab, such as Johnny Rockets or Baja Fresh. Quick, cheaper eats that won’t cost you too much. They are decent but Vegas really is run on the dollar.

Food from Excalibur Restaurants Las Vegas, Nevada

These are a few of the items I had around the Excalibur and you know I always like to leave a dessert spread. That little red cake thing was amazing. The inside was so soft and moist. Oh yeah, they have a crepe station at the Buffet. The desserts were the only redeeming factor. Watch what you eat here.

Dessert Spread at The Buffet in Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada

The Casino – 9/10

Excalibur Casino Floor Las Vegas, Nevada

The Excalibur will give you all you want. This place has everything with good table minimums and decent payouts. The casino floor is littered with all of the slots and video poker/keno machines you want. They have plenty of themed machines as well as the classic reel machines. The Excalibur offers a great mix of machines with different denominations. The video poker and keno machines have good payouts (9-6 poker and 422 for 6/7 keno) so you have a chance of winning here. They offer all of your favorite table games including 3-card, 4-card, Pai-Gow, blackjack, war, the big wheel, craps, roulette, etc. It isn’t too hard to find a $5 table with all of the tables they have going. Always be sure to check the blackjack payouts that they aren’t 6 to 5 for blackjacks. That will really mess up your odds. The Excalibur also offers a sportsbook so you won’t miss any action. They have live keno too but always check the odds and make sure the reward is worth the risk. The Excalibur poker room is more like a section rather than a room. There is usually 1 or 2 tables playing 1-2 no-limit or 2-6 spread limit. They do offer daily tournaments and the fields are fairly small. They never get too much action but if you need to get some cards in your hand, check out the action here.

The Amenities – 6/10

Excalibur pool spa fitness center Las Vegas, Nevada

When you’re not killin’ it on the casino floor, be sure to check out everything the Excalibur has to offer. the pools are great for little ones with a water slide and everything. This pool is actually great for the kids, especially with the Las Vegas sun beating down in the summer. You might also want to work off all of those cocktails and buffet you had earlier over in the fitness center. There are limited free weights and machines but there is plenty of machines to get your cardio on. If you hit it big or if you want to keep your old lady happy, you can send her over to the spa for a few treatments. The prices are a little on higher end but that’s the price you have to pay to treat yoself. Massages will run you up over $100/hr. If money is no object, have a spa day and unwind in luxury.

Arcade and Shows at the Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada

The kids will enjoy themselves in the downstairs arcade complete with laser tag, carnival games, and video games. There is a pretty wide variety of games but don’t expect the kids to be occupied the whole time. Also, these games are going to cost you a pretty penny too. There are a few shows at the Excalibur that you can check out. If you’re a fan of Medieval Times then Tournament of Kings will be right up your alley. With knights on horseback and food in your belly, Tournament of Kings is a great show for everyone. Excalibur also offers Thunder from Down Under which is a little more risque for the ladies. Australian Bee Gees also perform here if you gambling just isn’t your cup of tea. You’re sure to find something for everyone here.

The Ambience – 5/10

The Excalibur does the best they can to recreate the castle environment with a casino and keeping costs low. The Excalibur is definitely in need of a renovation or revamp to get back to its former glory. Uniforms for the dealers are plain brown and don’t really add to the theme of the resort. The lighting is a little dim and doesn’t add much to the ambience. Your typical pop music is playing over the casino floor not doing much for the mood. The rooms incorporate a little of the theme with some of the pictures on the walls and some of the light fixtures. It feels like being back in the Dark Ages but there isn’t much that reminds me of royalty. There is definitely a theme but it just needs a little touching up.

The Value – 6/10

Now this is where the Excalibur really excels. The Excalibur has some of the lowest rates on the Strip. Some of the weeknight fares are as low as $29 a night. they do sneak in a $28 resort fee which is pretty hefty (pretty much the same as the hotel rate). You do get something for your dollar, a clean place to sleep, staying on the Strip, access to the pool and fitness center. The drinks are free as long as you’re playing and the servers do a pretty good job of being available. M Life is a little stingy with the comps and offers but take what you can get and let the offers start rolling in as soon as you start playing. They also give you a little coupon book upon arrival that will save you a little bit at the restaurants and shows inside the Excalibur. The problem with the coupons is that they require you to spend a lot to save a little. Most of the restaurants are a bit pricey but it is Vegas.

The Family-Friendliness – 5/10

The Excalibur is a little more family-friendly than most. They try to offer some things for the kids to do including the pools, shows, and arcade. Other than that, Vegas isn’t the most kid friendly place to take the whole family. The Excalibur only allows service animals on the property. They do advertise local animal care but you can’t bring just any of your furry friends. I wouldn’t recommend Vegas for your next family vacation with little ones.

The Service – 7/10

The staff at the Excalibur is usually hit or miss. I’ve met the most delightful dealers and then encounter rude restaurant employees. I mean, I get it, it’s a huge tourist spot and I’m sure they deal with a bunch of unappreciative transients. When you work in hospitality you have to continually put on a smile and try to make people’s stays as comfortable as possible, especially if that person has only been pleasant so far. There are some great dealers and front desk clerks here but you might encounter a couple sour apples.

Excalibur – 63.75% (51/80)

That’s about it for the Excalibur. If you’re looking for a cheap stay on the Strip, check out the Excalibur and take it in for yourself. I hope this review has helped you plan your next visit to beautiful Las Vegas. Let’s get the cards in the air and drinks in our hands. Good luck!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Excalibur:

Excalibur Hotel Casino
3850 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas NV 89109

Toll Free: 1-(877)-750-5464
Local: (702)-597-7700

Website: excalibur.com

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