Eldorado Resort Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Eldorado Resort Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Eldorado Resort Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Here we go! I made my way over to Reno again to explore the downtown area a little more. I decided to stay at the Eldorado. This casino has a nice classic feel to it. It has an industrial, mining town decor with modern amenities. The decor is tasteful and not too flashy but they could definitely improve on the rooms. So let’s get started.

The Room – 3/10

Eldorado Casino Resort hotel room

When I first entered the room, I said, “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?” This room reminded me a of a halfway home. I looked to see if there was “Brooks was here” engraved in the wall. The room was not appealing at all. There was no sort of decor. There was enough room to walk throughout the room, that was all. There was a little space next to the bed to put my things down. Besides the stains on the chairs, the room was pretty clean. They had a tray of garbage that if it was moved it’s charged to the room, same with the mini fridge full of overpriced drinks and liquor. The bed felt so saggy and didn’t offer much support either. My back wasn’t too happy about sleeping in that bed. The bathroom had all of the things a normal bathroom would have, nothing special or even decorated. It felt very much like a Motel 6. Luckily, I wouldn’t be spending much time there. Come on Eldorado, make me feel like I’m in luxury.

The Restaurants – 10/10

Eldroado Casino Resort restaurants

This place is full of good eats with plenty of deals going on! I was only able to put five of their restaurants in the picture above, but they have even more than that. They have many different choices with different price ranges so you can definitely find something you would like to eat here. I had the pleasure of eating the steak and egg special at Millies24, which is their great little 24-hour cafe. The price was right and the food was delicious after a night of tasty drinks. Since I had racked up plenty of comps, the meal was completely free (except for a nice tip I left my helpful server). I also had the delight of eating at their buffet. I’m usually pretty cautious of buffets, because so many have let me down, but this one did not disappoint. Great prices, delicious food, and plenty of choices. Come and get your grub on!

Food at Eldroado casino resort Reno, Nevada

Here’s just a few photos of the food from the buffet and Millies24. Oh man, that soup with the hominy and ribs was amazing. Those handmade donuts were no joke either. Mmm.

Bars at Eldorado casino resort Reno Nevada

The Eldorado also has many bars to choose from, all serving up delicious drinks that are on the house as long as you’re playing, Check them out and have a few drinks. Cheers!

The Casino – 10/10

Casino floor at Eldorado casino resort Reno Nevada

The Eldorado’s got it all! They had a great selection of games, including table games and machines. All of the standard casino games were here, including craps, blackjack, roulette, 3-card poker, etc. It was not hard at all to find what I wanted to play with low table minimums. They had a poker room that had action. There was a couple limit games going with a no-limit game too. Their sports book had a nice layout with plenty of screens to watch the action. The slot machines, let me tell you about their machines. They had so many and great variety. The movie and TV show themed machines were sprinkled throughout the casino floor. All of the payouts were good without too much of a house edge (9-6 video poker and 422 on 6 out of 7 video keno). The Eldorado carries a classic feel without being outdated and dirty. This is the place to be to throw the dice and hit it big in downtown Reno!

The Amenities – 3/10

Amenities Eldorado resort casino

There isn’t much to do at the Eldorado besides gamble. The little pool on the 5th floor looked terrible. It’s so tiny and it is not heated. I hope you like swimming in the shadow of the building. There is a little hot tub over in the distance but I figured it wasn’t worth the walk over there. There is a little cabana bar that was closed when I went by but it was nothing impressive. They had a “fitness center” which looked like a lab testing room where I took the picture of the “subjects” on the treadmills. That was about it. A few treadmills and a couple weight machines. Depressing… The showroom was beautiful though. It had the lights and glam you’d expect from a old town Reno showroom. The entertainment selections are a little obscure but if you’re dying to see a show I’m sure they’ll throw something onstage. Good thing there are a few other places in walking distance.

The Ambience – 5/10

Eldorado Casino Resort ambience and decor

I’m torn on the ambience for the Eldroado. On one hand, the casino and resort look amazing and I love the decor. It has a beautiful classic, luxurious look. But the room that I stayed in was depressing and a little creepy when I was walking to the room. I mean, look at those halls and the room. They were so bland and unappealing. I definitely did not like staying in the room. The casino had some cool accent pieces that made it look like an old mining town gambling hall. They did a great job with the use of metal for a steampunk feel. I’m torn Eldorado… Just make the rooms a little more inviting.

Eldorado Casino Resort hotel ambience

The Value – 7/10

Eldorado offers pretty good value. The room was fairly cheap, although I didn’t get too much for it. There was a resort fee, I guess to maintain the tiny pool and the couple treadmills. Seems like resort fees are just a way to tack on a little extra. Comps were pretty generous and I was able to get some free steak and eggs and a free buffet. You can get a free breakfast buffet if you earn 25 points on your player’s club card within the first 24 hours of signing up. All of the drinks are free as long as you’re playing. So drink up and be merry! All in all, I was not disappointed by the cost of everything and had a great time at their resort!

The Family-Friendliness – 2/10

Don’t bring the kids here. This place has nothing for them to do. There is the pool, but weather has to be permitting and there just isn’t anything else for them. Eldorado only allows animals that assist handicapped people. I don’t know exactly what that entails, but it doesn’t sound too inviting to our furry (or feathered or scaled) companions. There are a few places within walking distance that offer more for the kids but downtown Reno can be a little sketchy so keep an eye on them. Just not too family friendly.

The Service – 10/10

Eldorado service was delightful. I had no problems or issues with any of their staff. I was treated politely and I felt like they did their best to make my stay enjoyable. The poker dealers definitely talked it up and we had some interesting conversations at the table. The floor bosses wanted to hear of any issues and were apologetic and tried to right any wrongs done. Great job making me feel welcome!

Eldorado – 62.5% (50/80)

If you’re ever looking for a spot in downtown Reno, I hope this review helps you in your selection. Check out the Eldorado and see what they have to offer. Good luck and I hope to see you at the tables!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for Eldorado:

Eldorado Resort Casino
345 North Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89501


Local: (775) 786-5700
Toll-Free: (800) 879-8879

Website: eldoradoreno.com

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