Down a Slippery Slope

Down a Slippery Slope

Down a Slippery Slope

This past weekend was the beginning of the World Series of Poker Circuit Event over at Harveys in South Lake Tahoe. I wanted to get out there and check out the action.

The drive up there was gorgeous as usual but I should have checked the weather for the whole weekend. I got a few comped nights over at Harveys which is always a plus. I know they were giving deals on the rooms as long as you mentioned the WSOP (World Series of Poker).  The events were packed, the cards were flying, and the action was live. I had never seen that room so packed.

World Series of Poker Chairs at Harveys South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

I played a couple sit-and-go tournaments with little luck. It’s hard to win when you get your chips in with pocket 9’s and get called by Ace-7 and this guy catches runner-runner 7’s. Just my luck. I knew I wasn’t running too hot but I wanted to play the $365 2-day event. After seeing the weather starting to get a little worse, I thought I should hold off on it. The only bad thing about Tahoe in the fall is the weather. You better be very flexible with your days because you might be hanging out a little longer than expected.

Snowing Wintertime in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

When I got up on Monday, the snow was really coming down. I saw a little break in the weather and the road conditions seemed safe enough to make my way back home. I decided to gamble on the weather and take my chances on the drive back. There was some snow but it was never too dangerous.

Always check the weather before you head out there and make sure you don’t need to be anywhere because you just might get snowed in. I’m sure I’ll be back soon Tahoe and I’ll take my shot at the WSOP events. Stay frosty South Lake.


-Arctic Wolf

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