Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas Vegas, Vegas, and More Vegas

It’s been a busy few weeks and Vegas is the place to be!

I made it a point to get more poker hours in this year and I wanted to put those hours in at one of my favorite places, Las Vegas. I’ve been using every chance I can find to make my way out there and my last trip was on glorious Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl weekend is one of the best in Vegas!

Let’s not jump the gun yet. Before Super Bowl weekend, I made my way out to Vegas to hit the felt and catch my bearings. There is nothing like trying out some new places in Vegas whenever you get the chance. This time I was able to try a new place called Beer Park which is attached to Paris. A great beer selection with your typical bar food but it’s done right.

Beer Flight and Backyard BBQ Dog at Beer Park Las Vegas Nevada

I couldn’t decide on one beer so I went with the flight. Let me tell you, there were no bad selections on it. Paired with the Backyard BBQ Dog and you’re good to go. It’s nice to sip some beer and have a bacon wrapped dog with it. Plus, that view will keep you coming back for more.

Beer Flight at Beer Park in Paris Las Vegas Nevada

Look at that view! It’s a pretty cool rooftop sports bar with a casual vibe. Definitely check it out when you get the chance.

After Beer Park, it was off to Fremont Street to see what was crackin’ downtown.

East Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

Made my way over into East Fremont to see some more of Container Park. I wasn’t quite sure what Container Park offered and it blew my mind.

Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

Take a step into this great arena of boutique shops and restaurants and embrace it. This place is beautiful and there is something for everyone. Take the kids to the playground and enjoy the storage container shops. It’s really a cool place and a great use for these shipping containers. It was just a wonderful night seeing everyone exploring this community and enjoying the businesses here.

It was time to get back to the strip and hit the tables for some more poker action. Oh yeah, if you ever want to get downtown without paying a fortune on Uber, Lyft, or taxis, just get a bus ticket on the strip and ride the Deuce or the SDX downtown. They are cheap, convenient ways to get around town. Try it!

My hunger was picking up on my way back to the strip and I hit up one of my favorite Italian spots in Mirage, Portofino. Now I’ve had lamb chops before but nothing comes close to these bad boys. These were the best I’ve ever had.

Lamb Chops at Portofino Mirage Las Vegas Nevada

I know the lighting isn’t great but these were amazing. I cut those lamb chops with a butter knife. This is a nice restaurant and I felt weird using my hands to get all the meat off the bone but I just couldn’t help myself. You just have to try these once in order to understand how good lamb can be. So good!

Then it was off to the tables for the beautiful swings of poker. There wasn’t really any hands that stick out too much from the trip besides getting hit with a few set over sets. That’s always fun. It’s been weird just breaking even over the past few trips but I suppose that happens when you’re going for value. Sometimes after I bust, I just need to get up and go for a walk.

The Bellagio had some cool displays up for the Chinese New Year that are worth a look.

Chinese New Year Display in Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

They filled one of their foyers with a huge Chinese New Year display. It was pretty amazing seeing what they came up with. There were a lot of people taking pictures and I think they captured the essence of the holiday in a festive and honorable way.

Year of Rooster at Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

It was definitely the Year of the Rooster up in there.

Bellagio also had a cool sculpture gallery near the “O” Theatre. When I look at art, I don’t really know what I’m looking for but I can tell you that these take an immense amount of work and skill.

Sculpture Gallery in the Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

I think Bellagio does a great job creating a high-end, opulent environment that I believe their clientele appreciate. Take a walk through and enjoy everything they offer. I tend not to go to the Bellagio since it is a little further off the strip and I’m just a little lazy. If you’ve never been, take the time to experience this amazing place and take it all in.

Fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

Oh yeah, they have a free fountain show that happens everyday right outside.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was back in Vegas for the Super bowl. I figured this was a great time to hit the tables and get in the action.

Beers and Poker During the Super Bowl Las Vegas Nevada

Started with a small stack at the beginning of the game and this kind gentleman decided to double me up with my jacks. Thank you sir!

That was a great game by the way. That 4th quarter action was insane. The room was alive and there was so much yelling and cheering. It was intense, plus Excalibur was giving away a bunch of money for every field goal, touchdown, and safety. Great promotions, action, and beer!

Later, I made my way over to MGM Grand and noticed they totally renovated the Rain Forest Cafe. That whole area became a artsy, retro-gaming area. It looked awesome and I was able to get a few pictures.

Remodeled Area in MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada

They moved the horse racing quarter game! I love how everything in the area isn’t about gambling but giving people a good time with each other.

Remodeled Area in MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada

Off to the side they had some video games, pool tables, and shuffleboard. Great renovation MGM!

Turns out the game at MGM wasn’t popping and I didn’t want to wait for a seat so I ran back to Excalibur. It was a good move too.

Poker Chips at Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada

There was a lot needed run good and I was just gettin’ the money in good. You ever have those games where all of your draws complete and the other player has a 2-pair or a set? Yeah, that’s how this game was running. The game went deep into the night and I got hit with a few hard hands. I put someone all in for about $135 when I had pocket kings and he had pocket queens. I hit my set… but the board is a flush and he has the queen. Just my luck. Can’t complain though, the game was still good. On a side note, never a bad way to end a trip than with a straight flush.

The Nuts at Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada

I did get there on the river with a pretty ugly hand, but sometimes you need to have a few of those in your range. Should have priced me out.

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m sure things won’t slow down anytime soon. Stick around and see what happens on the felt in the future. If you happen to catch me out and about, say hi and we’ll grab a drink! Cheers!


-Diligent Wolf

    And We’re Off! And We’re Off! And We’re Off! And We’re Off! And We’re Off! And We’re Off!

So the new year is in full effect and I’ve hit the ground runnin’.

The California Swing started over at Thunder Valley and I tried their Action 8. It was a $100,000 guarantee with 8 people max on each table. I was able to grind down to the last 3 tables in the first flight.

Chip Stack First Shot at Action 8 in the California Swing Thunder Valley Lincoln California

I made a few hands and got paid off on them. I flopped a full house with pocket 8’s on a 8-4-4 flop and was able to induce pocket aces to shove on the turn for a full double. After the bubble broke, I was really short stacked and found pocket 6’s which ran into pocket jacks. No help, and I busted for a min cash. It was a good experience but you really have to be ready to be grinding for 8+ hours.

I drove back home with a little more than my buy-in and figured I’d take another shot at it in another flight the next day. So I came back and jumped right back in.

Second Bullet in Action 8 in the California Swing Thunder Valley Lincoln California

It’s weird because I played the second bullet much different than my first one. I played a lot more aggressive and had bigger swings in my stack. I got coolered and flopped a set of 8’s (three of a kind) and the villain turned a straight. That cost me half my stack but I was optimistic. I eventually picked up pocket queens and raised, only to get a bunch of callers. The flop was A-4-J and the players in early position check to me. I bet out and get one caller in later position from me. The turn is another A which I figure is a great card for me and I jam. The last player tanks for a while and calls with KJ. And wouldn’t you know it, the river is a K, giving him a bigger two pair than mine. Bust.

I fired two bullets and figured I’d take a couple days off and watch the rain. It’s been raining a lot up in Northern California. I decided to get outta the rain and hop on down to Las Vegas. Before I knew it…

Planet Hollywood on Las Vegas Strip Nevada

A few free nights over at Flamingo and hittin’ the games during CES convention. The games were juicy and there was definitely money on the tables to be had.

The next day I made my way downtown for a few in-flight offers I saw and took advantage of those.

Fremont Street Experience Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

That Fremont Street always takes me back to those Vegas glory days. There is just so much history down there. The Downtown Grand was giving me some free food and a little freeplay, so I made my way over there for some food at Freedom Beat.

Jambalaya from Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand in Las Vegas Nevada

For some reason, the cold and rain was making me want some jambalaya. Perfect amount of spice with succulent shrimp and sausage. The texture was a little drier than I’d like but you can’t have it all. If you get a chance to get downtown, definitely hit up the Downtown Grand.

Downtown Grand in Las Vegas Nevada

Always nice to find the smaller places around town and see what else Vegas has to offer.

On the way back, I took a short little break at one of Vegas’s new spots, the Lucky Dragon. This is a Chinese casino that has just opened and I didn’t want to call it Chinese themed because they were going for an authentic Chinese experience here. Most of the staff speak Cantonese and Mandarin and the signage is all Chinese with English as secondary. The interior was beautiful but the casino floor seemed a little small.

Glass Dragon at The Lucky Dragon Las Vegas Nevada

They have a giant glass dragon hanging from the ceiling as their centerpiece. I only played a little keno at the bar to get a Baileys and coffee.

Bailey's and Coffee at the Lucky Dragon Las Vegas Nevada

Nothing like a hot drink on a chilly Vegas night. The casino was quite a trek and I wouldn’t recommend checking it out unless you’re native Chinese or really into Asian casinos. Most of the offerings are pretty standard.

Then it was back to the strip for some more poker action. I played for a while at the MGM Grand and the games were pretty good. I got hit with two pair over two pair early on and was short stacked. It was pretty crazy though because I was down to $18 at this table. I know most people just rebuy in case they get a big hand so they can get paid but I always like to nurse the little stack and see what I can do. I ran it up with a few hands.

Poker Chips at MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada

I had a suited ace that I shoved with preflop and hit a flush. Then I had aces that turned a set against a lady’s two pair. Finally I flopped a boat with pocket tens against a lady’s AQ on a A-A-T flop. Always need some run good to make that money. I ended the session up and heard the floor managers talking about this thing called the Cupcake ATM. I didn’t know this was a thing. It was connected to the Linq which is right next door to Flamingo. On my way back I had to see it.

Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles at the Linq Las Vegas Nevada

There it was in all of it’s glory. You can get cupcakes anytime you please. It’s at a place called Sprinkles in the alley. It was a good cupcake too. Moist and rich without being unbearably sweet.

This was a great little trip out the Vegas and I’m sure it will be the first of many for this year. I hope all of you are having some run good in 2017 and have the best of luck. Good luck and until next time!


-Eager Wolf

    Year End Holiday Wrap Up Year End Holiday Wrap Up Year End Holiday Wrap Up Year End Holiday Wrap Up Year End Holiday Wrap Up

It’s that time of year to wrap things up again. The year is coming to a close and the holidays have been pretty easy going.

Thanksgiving took me back to Tennessee to see the family and there is nothin’ like having your flight delayed by Delta.

Delta Airlines Waiting to Take Off

It was insane. My first flight was going to be delayed and they told me I would miss my connection. I had to come back to the airport in 8 hours to fly through the night. So I ran back home, did some work, and came back for the evening flight. When I showed up in the evening, it turned out that the flight was overbooked. They asked a if anyone would stay behind and take a flight in the morning for a $500 travel voucher. You know I’m not one to pass up some value and would rather sleep in my own bed one more night, so I took it.

I came back the next day and was ready to see the family. The flight was long but pretty easy. I know it’s always a hassle gettin’ around during the holidays. Delta doesn’t make it any easier either.

Home for the Holidays at Nashville Airport

I landed in the music city with my momma waitin’ to pick me up. Once we got back home, I was welcomed by my mom and brother’s 5 dogs. It was intense but I was prepared for the week.

No matter where you go, nothing will ever compare to mom’s cooking. People always ask me about good Korean food and I just tell them that my mom’s is the best. My momma was ready to make all of my favorites and cooked up a storm.

Mom's Home Cooking

Time to pack on those holiday pounds.

My brother and his wife wanted to hit up a local casino, Harrah’s Metropolis, and I can’t turn down a chance to see new places. We made the short drive out there and it wasn’t too impressive.

Harrah's Metropolis in Illinois

The outside looked drab and dead. I guess the cold, rainy weather didn’t help much either. We got in, checked in, and had a few drinks before hitting the casino floor.

Hotel Room at Harrah's Metropolis, Illinois

The room was a little nicer than I had expected. The tub was actually pretty big and I could stretch out in it. I’m pretty tall and enjoyed the over-sized tub. Comfortable bed but the rest of the furniture looked a little worn with a few stains. I figured I wouldn’t spend much time up there and made my way to the floor.

Harrah's Metropolis Casino Floor Illinois

The floor was pretty small and had most games with pretty low minimums. The low limit blackjack tables only paid 6 to 5 on blackjacks. The keno and video poker payouts were alright but not great. I was looking forward to hitting the poker room but was informed by the dealers on the floor that the poker room was closed. The place was nothing to go out of your way for.

Late Night Cheeseburger at Harrah's Metropolis, Illinois

I ended the short night with a cheeseburger that wasn’t too bad, especially if you had some drinks. I decided to call it and get some sleep.

Before heading back home, we had to go see the giant Superman in his hometown.

Giant Superman at Metropolis, Illinois

It looked like he could use the company and I figured I’d give him a shout out. There wasn’t much else in the town and made our way back home.

Thanksgiving was good and we ate plenty of good food. Played some Uno and Pictionary with some movies on the TV and it felt just like holidays. The week always flies by and I was back in Cali just playing out the rest of the year.

I was out in Reno quite a bit enjoying the poker run good and free drinks.

Knob Creek on the Rocks at Atlantis Reno, Nevada

No one pours Knob Creek like the bartenders at Atlantis. Having a few drinks and enjoying the live music during the cold nights.

Back at home, the holiday season was creeping up. I went with a small Rosemary tree and some Wild Turkey for the Christmas season.

Wild Turkey with Rosemary Christmas Tree

Cheers and I hope the holiday season brings you and your loved ones joy and happiness. Share this time with those you love and spread the goodwill! I hope you all get everything you wish for!

Baby Wolf Gettin' Some Legos for Christmas

Yes, that’s me with the Legos and my big brother getting a globe for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Good luck ringing in the New Year and I hope to see more of your faces in the future! Let’s make it a great one.


-Merry Wolf

    Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround Last Minute Runaround

Hey everyone,

I know I have been really spotty with the posts and I hope to catch you all up before the end of the year. What a year 2016 has been… It’s really done a number on us all and the world keeps turning. So let’s see… Where to begin?

So I heard that Brand New was coming out to Reno and I had to see them again. They were playing at Grand Sierra and the theater there is just beautiful. The last band I saw there was The Killers and I knew this show would be amazing also. I bought the tickets and made my way there to reminisce about high school days.

Brand New at Grand Sierra in Reno Nevada

I enjoyed the seat and took the whole show in. Nothing better than some Sic Transit Gloria followed up with some Okay I believe you, but my Tommy Gun Don’t. They were dishin’ it out and I was there to take it.

Brand New at Grand Sierra Resort in Reno Nevada

Soco Amaretto Lime did it for me and my high school flashback was complete.

The nostalgia was fresh in my mind and I ran over to Peppermill for some poker action. I don’t know what it was but those cards were all on my side. I was gettin’ the money in good and holding.

Crushing it at Peppermill Reno Poker Room Nevada

I bought in once for about $120 and ran it up! Nothin’ like floppin’ top two and someone jamming on the river with top pair. These are those nights that make your heart sing.

It was nice to run good at Peppermill because I needed a little extra money for the World Series of Poker Circuit Event out in South Lake Tahoe. I figured I’d take a shot at a ring event and lasted quite a while.

WSOP Circuit Event in South Lake Tahoe

Eventually, my luck ran out and I ran my pocket tens into pocket queens. It’s funny because if I had just called the 3-bet pre-flop and saw the 2 aces on the flop I may have been able to push him off his queens. Calling the 3-bet would have just left me too short stacked and I just needed to get the money in. These things happen and you move on to the next one!

Time to blow off some steam shooting some clay disks in sunny California. Sometimes you just need to shoot something! It was my first time and I was just glad to hit a few. Not the best but not the worst. I’ll definitely shoot again!

Skeet Shooting in the Boonies Shotgun

After unloading a few rounds, I was invited to some home games in town and decided to hit them up. Sometimes people want to run it tournament style and some just want to run cash game. I’m usually down for either and just enjoy the company. You never want to be the guy that takes everything too seriously. Enjoy the game and be social! You can still take their money with a smile on everyone’s face.

Poker Home Games in California

I enjoy the home games and the company. It’s always nice meeting new people. Always have to keep those feet moving. As I travel I take some time to look at my shoes and think about the stories they have in them. If these shoes could talk.

Worn Out Shoes at the Airport Sacramento, California

Probably time to get some new ones before my next ventures. The year is wrapping up fast and the holidays are right around the corner.

Delta Airlines Waiting to Take Off

Check back to see where I’m off to next and see how the year wraps up. I hope you all have had a great one and are ready for an even better year. Time to set our heads straight and make this an even better year! Good luck and come again soon.


-Active Wolf

    Long Summer Nights Long Summer Nights Long Summer Nights Long Summer Nights Long Summer Nights Long Summer Nights

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but it’s been a long interesting Summer. I had a few technical issues with my host but it looks like we got them all worked out.

So here is a quick recap of what went down this Summer:

  1. One new apartment
  2. Three trips to Vegas
  3. Lots of hours of poker
  4. Two parents visiting
  5. One trip to Yosemite
  6. And lots of good food

I was glad to move into a new place at the beginning of Summer but you know that moving is always a stressful endeavor. I definitely got some much needed vacation time.

To kick things off, I went to a Brand New show out at The Greek in Berkeley

Brand New The Greek Berkeley

The venue was a pretty awesome outdoor arena that resembles an ancient Greek amphitheater. If you ever get a chance to visit I highly recommend it. Also, Brand New is an amazing band that blew my mind with their set. Took me back to my high school days. I thought their show would just be special to me because of the nostalgia but they put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

After recovering from the show, I figured it would be nice to have my mom come out and visit. I hadn’t seen her in some time and figured it would be nice for her to experience California a little more. Plus, she wanted to see Yosemite so I was sure to make it happen. The drive out to Yosemite was a little arduous but some of the views on the way were incredible.

Rest stop on the way to Yosemite National Park

Looking back at the pictures I realize how little justice photos do to the view. It felt good to take in the sunshine and fresh air. We continued to drive through the park and stop for small hikes and vista points.

Yosemite National Park

The rock formations and the tree lines made for some breathtaking views. Unfortunately, it’s been really dry out here in California so the waterfalls were basically mist. I was hoping to see more but I guess I’ll have to return another time.

We didn’t stay in the park overnight and decided to stay at Black Oaks Casino about an hour out.

Black Oaks Hotel Casino Resort LobbyTuolumne, California

The hotel had a great lodge feeling and was a clean place to stay. The casino gave us a pretty generous amount of freeplay ($25) for signup. I never trust the Indian gaming though because I know the regulation is a lot looser which makes the casino a lot tighter. But trying to win with free money is always a great play!

We came back from Yosemite and took a couple days off just relaxing at home. I took my mom to a few local spots like Garibaldi Taqueria is one of my favorite Mexican spots here in Sacramento. I know my mom loves seafood so we tried this.

Seafood Soup at Garibaldi in Sacramento California

I think it was called a molcajete. Whatever it was, it was amazing. All that seafood with some chorizo, peppers, some cotija cheese, and rice and beans with tortilla on the side. It was a little pricey but it was definitely worth the cost. If you get a chance to try it, open yo mouth and enjoy!

After being at home for a little bit, we were off to Vegas. We hopped on a plane and before we knew it, we were back in beautiful Las Vegas.

On the way to Vegas with Momma Flying Allegiant Airlines

Yup, that’s my momma. Once we got to Vegas, we hit the ground running. We were off to see Ka at MGM Grand that night. It was a little stressful landing and going straight to will call to get the tickets but we managed it.I even managed to stop for a picture because I know there are some Goodfellas fans out there that know that I don’t shine shoes anymore.

Goodfellows Shoeshine in MGM Grand "I don't shine shoes anymore"

The first night was pretty much just eating, the show, and walking the Strip to take in the lights. The Pantry at the Mirage sure knows how to make a good pulled pork sandwich!

Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Pantry at Mirage Casino Resort

Oh yeah, did I mention that this place is open 24 hours. If you ever get those late night hungers and need something good to eat, be sure to hit up The Pantry in the Mirage. After this bad boy, we were calling it a night.

The next day was Fremont Street. We all got the bus pass and rode downtown. I was sure to show my mom Binion’s and the Four Queens. She even took a picture with a million bucks.

Momma and the Dude with a Million Bucks at Binions Las Vegas

Look at all those Benjamins. They would never let you get your hands on that. After seeing everything, it was time for the amazing Aria Buffet. It’s crazy, no matter how many times I go there it never gets old.

The Aria Buffet Las Vegas

Just prime rib, mussels, crab, and clams. How can you not love it? So good. That kinda full where you can’t move too much after you eat. After dinner, the older ones went their way and I was off to hit the tables.

You know I have to get in at least one poker session. I had heard things about the Planet Hollywood poker games and I had to go see for myself. I got a few drinks and happened to collect a few chips.

Poker Chips at Planet Hollywood Casino Resort in Las Vegas Nevada

It was a good night. The poker and drinks helped take some of the stress off of showing my mom around town and trying to make sure she was having a good time. There’s just something about being able to kick back and hit a few hands that make everything alright.

We made our way back home and relaxed the Summer away. Oh yeah, and corn ice cream. Sometimes you just need some corn ice cream.

Korean Corn Ice Cream Lotte

It started off like this and then this happened.

Taking a Bite of that Corn Ice Cream

Savor each bite and don’t let the days get away from you. Always take it a day at a time.

It feels good to be back and I’m glad to be sharing it with you all. Until the next bite.


-Returning Wolf