Back to the Ole’ Grind

Back to the Ole’ Grind

Back to the Ole’ Grind

Now that I’ve been back and we’ve started a new year, it’s time to get back to the ole’ grind. I wanted the hit the beginning of the year hard with some tournament play. I usually play online poker on Bovada as the pickings are slim for online poker these days. I’m going to give you a run down of the first 10 tournaments I have played this year.

Bovada Online Poker Tournament

January 1, 2016

  1. $5000 Freeroll Qualifier Sit & Go – This was a single table tournament for a ticket to a $5,000 guaranteed tournament. I survived to the last three players and flopped two-pair with an 89 off-suit. All of the money went in and the big stack called. The board continued to straighten and he hit it. Busted 3rd/9.
  2. $1 Buy-In No Limit Hold ‘Em – This tournament I made it to the 150/300 blind level. I was getting short stacked and saw a flop with 74 off-suit and hit top pair. I shoved and get called by a set of 2’s (three-of-a-kind). Busted 28th/143.
  3. $5 Buy-In No Limit Hold ‘Em – I doubled up early when I hit a set of Q’s and my opponent hit a set of 9’s. I made it to the final table when I had to push with an A5 off-suit and was called by QJ off-suit. The QJ hit a straight, busting me from the tournament. Busted 8th/93, in the money.

January 2, 2016

  1. $1 Buy-In No Limit Hold ‘Em – Did well playing the tournament pretty deep. When it got down to the final two tables, I was dealt a AT suited and decided I had to push to make it to the final table. K9 off-suit called and hit two-pair, busting me 16th/165, in the money.
  2. $3 Buy-In $500 Guarnteed Turbo Deep Stack Hold ‘Em – I was crippled pretty early in this tournament. I was able to get all the money in pre-flop with AA and I was called by TT. Everything was fine until he rivers a T for full house. I quickly found A6 suited and shoved. I was called by AJ off-suit and he flopped a J. Busted 140th/180.
  3. $1 Buy-In No Limit Hold ‘Em – I was killed pretty early on in this tournament too. The hand that killed me was AQ suited against a T7 off-suit. I flopped top pair with a pretty good kicker and he turns the straight. Busted 79th/152.

January 3, 2016

  1. $2 Buy-In $1,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack Hold ‘Em – I doubled early on in this tournament with JJ vs. AK suited. My J’s held up and give me a little room to play. A few bad hands had me short-stacked and I eventually busted when my 77’s ran into QQ’s. Couldn’t see that one coming. Busted 203rd/664.
  2. $3 Buy-In $1,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack Hold ‘Em – I was dodging and weaving through this tournament but knew I had to make a move to make it deep into the money. I had TT and continued to push through the board that stayed pretty low. The board was paired and all of the money went in on the river. This guy flopped the full house and I was out 121st/812.
  3. $1 Buy-In No Limit Hold ‘Em – Early on my stack takes a big hit when I pick up KK and K7 off-suit calls me. All of the money goes in on the flop that looks safe and I was way ahead. This guy hits another 7 on the river giving him a full house. I llook for a hand to shove on and pick up 77’s. I push all-in pre-flop and one of the callers hits his set on the flop. Busted 48th/122.

January 4, 2016

I needed to get out of the house and wanted to play a live tournament. I ran over to Capitol Casino to play their morning daily tournament. It’s good practice for live tournament play.

Tournament Poker Chips at Capitol Casino Sacramento, California

  1. $35 Buy-In No Limit Hold ‘Em at Capitol Casino – The tournament was going great and I was playing tight-aggressive poker. I doubled up early on when I turned two-pair with J9 and someone shoved in front of me. Then I had AJ and flopped top-pair top-kicker on a J98 rainbow flop. I kept pushing and another player turned two-pair with J5 off-suit. The blinds started eating me up and I was in the big blind with 78 off-suit. It wasn’t raised so I was able to see a Q88 rainbow flop. I checked, another player shoves, and I call. He has Q9 off-suit for two-pair on the flop and then he turns another Q. I busted about 40th/70.

But that’s poker. You can’t expect to win most tournaments. You always go in and play smart poker, making good decisions. With a little luck and skill, you can only keep playing more and enjoy the deep runs. It’s a tough game to master and tournament play is even harder when you consider how many you bust out of without making a dime. I’ll keep you all posted about what’s happening at the tables and hope to see you at the final table sometime. Good luck on the grind and run well.


-Gambling Wolf

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