Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Review Reno, Nevada

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Review Reno, Nevada

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Review Reno, Nevada

Time to get it! I ran out to Reno and had to try out the beautiful Atlantis. I had been to the Atlantis before but never had the pleasure of staying there. This is a modern, classy resort with a tropical, aquatic theme. This resort does a great job creating a luxurious, beautiful environment without coming off as cheap and gaudy. Time to dive right into this review!

The Room – 9/10

Hotel room at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

I took the Wonkavator up to the 16th floor and took in the aerial views of Reno. I was happy to see the beautiful, clean room. I dropped my stuff and took that bed for a test drive. I laid down and suddenly it was a few hours later. I was not mad at that. The bed was firm and offered a lot of support without being too stiff. This room didn’t have any of that garbage that gets charged to your room if you eat or touch it. The room did seem a bit crowded. There was a lot furniture. The big entertainment center with the attached desk, the two chairs, end tables, an armoire, and a giant bed in the middle of the room leave little space for you to move around. The room had a very homey, master bedroom feel to it. The bathroom was clean and there was plenty of room. There were two different types of marble in the bathroom which was a little weird but overall it was nice. The room was great but I just wish it was a little less crowded. So kick your feet up and say goodnight!

The Restaurants – 10/10

Restaurants at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

You definitely will not go hungry at the Atlantis! I was only able to put five restaurants in the picture but there are even more options. I couldn’t fit in the Sushi Bar, Cafe Alfresco, the Purple Parrot (24-hour cafe food), Chicago Dogs!, and plenty of places to stop for some espresso. There are plenty of food options, at all times, for reasonable prices. There were too many places to try out. I just wish I could have been more hungry. I had to be selective and choose what I wanted to eat the most. I knew I had to have the seafood at a resort called the Atlantis. The Oyster Bar is a great choice for fresh, delicious seafood and they do not skimp on anything. The Seafood Voyage is a must if you just aren’t sure what to get. The fried calamari salad was a great side that added an element of freshness and some crunch. This delectable smorgasbord of seafood was finger-lickin’ good. Everyone knows the only right way to eat crab is using your hands. I don’t think I used any silverware for this meal, and trust me, you can eat cake without a fork. All that shrimp, lobster, crab, and mussels. Simply amazing!

Food at the Oyster Bar in the Atlantis in Reno, Nevada

Toucan Charlie’s Buffet is also a must. It almost seems like tradition to hit up the buffet at a casino. Such a great selection of foods and most of them were delicious. Some of them were a little overcooked or over-seasoned but I prefer that over under-seasoned. It doesn’t seem reasonable to complain about overcooked food in a buffet since most of them sit in heat pans. That prime rib though. Mmm. I just can’t get enough. Don’t fill up on bread and potatoes and hit that prime rib, shrimp, and leave room for their delicious dessert spread. Definitely stop by and leave your schedule open afterward because it’ll put you to sleep.

Food at the buffet in Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

The Casino – 9/10

Casino floor at the Atlantis in Reno, Nevada

You will definitely find what you are looking for at the Atlantis. There are plenty of machines sprinkled throughout the casino floor with all types of denominations. They have all of your different types of themed slot machines and it’s never too hard to find one that you’ll want to jump on and try your luck. The video keno and video poker have great payouts (9-6 video poker and 422 for 6 out of 7 video keno). Some of the tables had some higher minimums when I checked late at night, but overall they were quite reasonable. I even saw a $3 blackjack table. They have most of your standard casino games including Pai-Gow, blackjack, craps, roulette, three-card, and baccarat. They have a poker room, but the action is limited. They typically have a 1-2 NL game going and a list for limit games and Omaha. They offer plenty of incentives for players so definitely swing by and check out the action. Their sportsbook looks gorgeous with plenty of screens to catch the action and it’s located right next to the Sports Bar so you can have a drink while covering your spreads. Definitely check out the Atlantis and roll the dice!

The Amenities – 7/10

Adult Amenities at the Atlantis is Reno, Nevada

When you’re not gambling, check out some of the great amenities at the Atlantis. They have a beautiful indoor cove-like pool. A lot of kids like to hang out in this pool while the adults catch the rays at the outside pools. They also have a cabana bar so you can enjoy some adult beverages while lounging poolside. Although I did not have the privilege of enjoying the spa here, it had received having accolades and awards. The spa is definitely not for those with a light bankroll, but if you hit it big definitely get pampered with some massages and treatments. Treat yoself! If you’re not getting rubbed down, you can head over to the salon and get done up. When you’re not hitting the tables, definitely take a minute and enjoy these amenities.

Amenities for kids at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

After the kids have been in the pool all afternoon, they can hit up the arcade. The arcade has a great selection of games for fun or for tickets. If you’re into collecting thousands of tickets for some plastic Army men or some erasers then you can definitely do that here. The kids will be busy for a few hours but it will definitely cost you. There isn’t too much for the kids but there is a pool and an arcade. That’s about it for the amenities at the Atlantis.

The Ambience – 9/10

Ambience and Decor at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada

The outside of the Atlantis is not the most impressive, but once you step inside you will take in the beauty of this resort. The Atlantis does a great job taking you to a tropical, underwater refuge. They pay attention to the details such as the conch-shaped light fixtures, jellyfish lights above the pit, scaly wall treatments, and plenty of statues and water features inside. They use a lot of brown, pink, and blue that work well with the lighting and tropical theme. The uniforms of the dealers and cocktail waitresses were nothing memorable. The decor is elegant and relaxing, with plenty of places to lounge, have a drink, and soak up the environment.

The Value – 6/10

The Atlantis will cost a little bit up front, but once you start playing a little the offers will start to roll in. Their comp system isn’t the most generous and it will take some time to gather enough to pay for some meals. The free nights that you’ll start getting are kind of spread out and during the week. The food is reasonably priced and you definitely get your money’s worth. There is a resort fee (~$15/night) but it wasn’t too bad, given the indoor pool and the features throughout the resort that need to be maintained. The drinks are free as long as you’re playing but the cocktail service is a little slow. The Atlantis isn’t the cheapest but if you play your cards right you can definitely make your dollar stretch.

The Family-Friendliness – 5/10

This place isn’t the best spot to bring the kids. Although there is an indoor pool and an arcade, these activities are about it for the kids. If you are looking for a place to bring the kids you might want to look at some other locations first. I wouldn’t totally rule out the Atlantis but it just doesn’t offer a wide variety of things. Try to get the kids out of the resort during the day and hit up some of the spots around Reno. The Atlantis does allow service dogs too but that’s it. You can’t bring all of your furry, slithery, or feathery friends to this location. I would say look at some other places if you have to bring the babies or get a sitter so you can hit the town carefree.

The Service – 9/10

The Atlantis knows how to treat its guests! They made me feel welcome and were accommodating to all of my requests and did everything within their power to make me enjoy my stay. The only reason I had to knock the service is because the cocktail service was so slow. I sat at some machines for quite some time (~30 minutes) and no one came to see if I was thirsty for some adult beverages. Everyone else was polite and helpful! Thanks Atlantis for being so kind to me, just check if I’m thirsty.

Atlantis – 80% (64/80)

I hope this review of the Atlantis helps you choose the next place you want to stay when you come out to Reno. Hopefully I’ll pull up a chair next to you at the Oyster Bar. Catch you under the sea!


-The Wolf


Contact Information for the Atlantis:

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
3800 S. Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89502

Local: (775) 825-4700

Toll-Free: (800) 723-6500


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  • I just reviewed the Atlantis, too! I went around the same time you did last year, and then returned on a visit recently with a gift certificate I had. I really enjoyed it, and think it’s a great escape for singles and couples. And yes, the restaurants are GREAT!! Maybe see you there sometime! Thanks for sharing your experience. -Sarah

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