Another Day, Another Dollar

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Another Day, Another Dollar

I spent the past weekend out in Tahoe and Reno celebrating my birthday. I know that some people celebrate the whole week (or month), but I figured I would just keep it low-key and do the usual. Hard Rock was still giving those free weekend nights so I decided to crash there one night, and then head up to Reno in the morning.

So I get to Hard Rock, check-in, and then I’m off. It was a beautiful evening and I was ready for some cards and some drinks. I head over to Harveys to check out the poker action. It’s pretty busy for a Saturday night and I start crushing the game. Here is an example of how bad it was: I have 9-2 in the big blind and they let me see a free flop. Then we check it around, and on the turn I hit a 9. I bet it and they all call. Then the river comes and it’s a 2. I bet, they call, easy money. It must have been my birthday because they were just throwing money my way. An easy $150. After a few drinks, I decided to call it an early night and get ready for the next day. I had to pace myself for another day of gambling.

Poker chips at Harveys in South Lake Tahoe

I woke up ready to enjoy the day. On my way out the next day, I happened to stumble upon some sweet rides. I felt the urge to go back and warn Marty about his future.

Back to the Future DeLorean Car

I couldn’t let this piece of my childhood slow me down and I had to get out of Tahoe. So I hopped in the car, turned on some Wagon Wheel and drove through the backroads of Nevada. It was gorgeous out and the day was full of potential.

I got to the Atlantis and was excited about my first stay there. The decor was themed and classy. I rode up in their Wonkavator to the 16th floor and the view was breathtaking. I liked that the elevator was glass and you could see an aerial view of Reno. I hit the room and laid on the bed. I didn’t realize how tired I was, closed my eyes, and suddenly it was a few hours later.

Laying on the bed in the Atlantis

Hopped up out the bed, and turned my swag on.

Getting ready to party

It was ready to hit up Reno and get all of my birthday offers. Peppermill and Atlantis were giving me a little freeplay and who doesn’t love a freeroll. I blew the free play and the machines weren’t being generous and just gobbled up that freeplay. I ran over to the Peppermill poker room and let me tell you, this is the place to play in Reno. No other poker room in Reno can hold a candle to this place. Great ambience, plenty of different games going, and free food and drinks. I donked off some money at the tables and decided to head out to dinner. I love seafood and I was staying at the Atlantis. They better be able to make some killer seafood with a name like the Atlantis. I ordered the Seafood Voyage at the Oyster Bar over at the Atlantis and it did not let me down.

Seafood Voyage at Oyster Bar in Atlantis

That lobster meat with those giant shrimp hit the spot. My momma taught me how to eat crab legs and I put those skills to good use. Crazy bomb! And then I let them know it was my birthday and they hooked it up.

Birthday cake at Oyster Bar in the Atlantis

So rich and decadent. I couldn’t eat the whole thing after that Voyage. I saved it for later with some coffee. I ran back over to Peppermill for a little more poker and I was just running bad. I blew the money I made in the tight machines and decided to hit the hay before I got too tilty. All in all it was a great birthday trip. Good food, great company, and plenty of drinks! Thank you Tahoe and Reno. I’ll be back for the money I lent you.

Sitting in the chair at the Atlantis in Reno


-Old Wolf

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