All Work and No Play

    All Work and No Play All Work and No Play All Work and No Play All Work and No Play All Work and No Play

All Work and No Play

I’ve had a drought out here in California and I don’t mean with the rain. I had to take some time, buckle down, and put in some work in the past couple weeks. I finally found an opportunity to get out of dodge so I made a run for it.

It was Labor Day so I packed a bag and started heading up 80. I packed enough for an overnight trip but I didn’t even have a room yet. I made a quick stop at Thunder Valley to use up a little freeplay and grab something to eat. When I didn’t know what to eat, I decided to have it all and just hit the buffet. The food is nothing to write home about but it will keep you full for a long time. The carving station offers a small selection and no prime rib during the weekday lunch times. The desserts are always on point though and you just can’t end a buffet without something sweet.

Thunder Valley Feast buffet desserts

I got back in the car and continued my trip into the Sierra Nevada. I could see all of the vacationers on their way back from their little getaways. It also occurred to me that Burning Man was just ending and I would see a lot of the Burners (people that participate in Burning Man) up in Reno. After a couple hours of Atmosphere and Hozier, I had arrived in Reno.

Reno skyline in afternoon downtown

I needed to make a few calls and see what the casinos were offering me. I didn’t want to drive up there, play a little, then have to make a long trip back. After no luck and just a couple discounted offers, Harrah’s said they’d put me up on the house. I took the offer and went to dump my stuff. I took a little breather and prepared for the evening.

Ready to play in downtown Reno sunshine

I felt the excitement to get back on the floor and try my luck. First stop was Grand Sierra to use up my freeplay, hopefully build my bankroll a little, and have a drink. I sat at the bar and tried some video keno with my freeplay. I felt like an ice cold Stella would be a nice accompaniment. No luck at the machines but the beer was just what I needed to start the evening off.

Beer and Keno at Grand Sierra in Reno, Nevada

Now I was off to the Peppermill to see how the action was in the poker room. Peppermill is definitely one of my favorite poker rooms and it’s always nice to see the friendly dealers there. I sat at a 1-2 no-limit table for a couple hours and folded garbage the entire time. I know I should have loosened my range a little but these guys were betting large amounts and there was just too much action with the cards I was getting. I decided to call it and head downtown. I wanted to have a few more drinks and stay within walking distance of where I would be sleeping.

I made my way to the Eldorado and jumped into their 1-2 no-limit game. The action was a little loose and I picked up a couple small pots but there was one that made the night. I was dealt pocket 8’s on the button and there were a bunch of limpers in front of me. I decided to call it and see a cheap flop. The flop came 8, 6, 4 rainbow (no coordinating suits). This was an amazing flop for me and people began to bet and build the pot. There was a 10 dollar raise early on and a couple callers. Then a 30 dollar reraise right in front of me. I called the reraise and then another guy shoves for about 300 dollars. Everyone folds to me and I call (mind you, I only had about $110 behind). The turn comes and it’s another 4 giving me a full house. The river is a blank and we turn over our hands. He had flopped a straight and I cracked it with my full house. I raked in a pretty hefty pot and sent him racking up his chips in defeat. It was one of those hands that get your heart and adrenaline pumping. It felt good and I decided it was time to call it a night.

Poker Chips at the Eldorado Reno, Nevada

I made my way back to the room and quickly knocked out. I had to come back to reality in the morning but this was just the fix I needed to hold me over. I’ll be back soon enough Reno, keep the light on for me.


-Satisfied Wolf

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