A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand

    A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand

A Familiar Face, the Last Meal, and One More Hand

The last couple days in Vegas were laid back and good for the soul. I love the downtown Fremont Street area so I grabbed an $8 24-hour bus ticket for the SDX and Deuce. It’s a pretty cheap way to get around the Strip and downtown. If you want to get around on a budget and you’re trying to save your feet, this is a great way to go.

When I got downtown, I knew I had to check out the game at the Golden Nugget. I had heard so much about how live the games were and I needed to see for myself.

Poker Chips at Golden Nugget Las Vegas, Nevada

Let me tell you, this game was live. The action was good, plenty of games, local grinders along with some tourists sprinkled in. Everyone seemed friendly and easy going. I ended up breaking even after turning a straight and someone rivering a higher straight. I guess that’s why they call it the dummy end.

When I stepped back outside, the sun had set and the streets were alive.

Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

With the sky and the buildings shining, I was ready to roam the streets and have a few drinks. It’s easy to get lost in the sights and sounds of Fremont Street. I kept going until I entered East Fremont. This area might seem a little more sketchy but it has a cool, old West feel to it. It makes me feel like it is the heart of Vegas and what it was supposed to be.

East Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

It was nice to hit up some of the divey, trendy spots down here.

My friend that got the show tickets wanted to get some sushi so he swung by and picked me up. We went to an all-you-can-eat sushi joint called Yama Sushi. This place was a tiny hole-in-the-wall but they have a great selection of fresh fish. Sorry I couldn’t get any pictures of what it looked like before, but we definitely put in work.

Empty Plates at Yama Sushi in Las Vegas, Nevada

After filling up on fresh fish, we made our way back to the Strip for some after dinner drinks. We walked through the Venetian and saw a nice swanky place called db Brasserie. The menu looked good and we ordered a few.

The Ex-Pat at db Brasserie in the Venetian Las Vegas, Nevada

The Ex-Pat was delicious Maker’s Mark bourbon with a vanilla-ginger ice sphere that slowly melted and added so much flavor to this beautifully crafted cocktail. If you have a chance to settle in for a good one, swing by and be sure to sip it slowly and enjoy.

As the night wore on, we went our separate ways, and departed till next time. It’s always good to see a familiar face and share a few laughs. Always make time for the people that matter because the poker game will always be there.

The last day I woke up and wanted to have one last session before heading back home. I wanted to hit Caesar’s Palace for one last run and it was a good one.

Poker Chips at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, Nevada

I ran my first stack down pretty low from a couple bad beats and had to reload. It was a good thing I did because shortly after fortune turned her beautiful face in my favor in the way of a suited Ace-Five. The board came 3 aces with the pre-flop raiser betting into me. I continued to slow play until I knew it was good to get my whole stack in. He called with his pocket queens and I sent him to the rails. It was a nice going away present from good ole Las Vegas.

To top it off, I got a free buffet for playing there and figured, “Why not?” I wanted to try out the buffet at Paris and Le Village did not leave me hungry. It was much more than I had expected from a lunch buffet. They already had the prime rib ready to be carved and served with a mountain of crab legs staring me in the face.

Food from Le Village Buffet in Paris Las Vegas, Nevada

My brother always told me you can tell how you’re doing by how well you eat. I would say I’m not doing too shabby. My stomach is full, my bed is warm, my drinks are cold, and my cards are live. I can’t wait to see you again beautiful Las Vegas. Until then, bon appétit.


-Fortunate Wolf

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