5 Ways to Reduce Tilt

5 Ways to Reduce Tilt

5 Ways to Reduce Tilt

Have you ever caught pocket 8’s, flop a set, and run into a bigger set? Or turn your straight only to have someone suck out a flush on the river? It could even happen at the blackjack table when you double down on a ten to get twenty, only to have the dealer hit a 4 card twenty-one. Or have you ever hit the craps table to have a shooter hit a point, seven out, hit a point, seven out, so on, and so on?

I’m sure when these things continue to happen they make you want to throw some cards or punch someone. This is what we like to call tilt. There are a lot of things that can set someone on tilt. Sometimes it doesn’t even occur at the table. A fight with your boo or someone getting the big promotion at work can send you to the tables, only to play worse (or take more risk) than you usually would. Emotions can get the best of us sometimes (especially if we have some drinks to go with those feelings). This usually leads to disaster in our emotional, psychological, and financial well-being. Plus, if you aren’t having fun, why are you playing? The casino is not the place to take out frustrations and be angry.

No one is immune to it but there are definitely ways to fight against it.

  1. Walk Away From the Game or Table – It’s always a good idea to take a step back and clear your head. Usually when we go on tilt we just aren’t thinking straight. Take a walk and think it through. Let yourself work through the frustration or emotions.
  2. Talk to Someone About What’s Bothering You – Call someone or talk in person about what is bothering you or what has you steaming. I always think it’s a good idea to have someone to talk to when you may not be thinking clearly. Take a minute and let them know what’s buggin’ you.
  3. Get Some Physical Exercise – Exercise and moving the body has a great impact on your physical and mental state. Gettin’ those endorphins going is never a bad idea. Sweat out those bad feelings, hit the showers, and then you can get back in the game.
  4. Get Something to Eat –  The human body releases endorphins whenever you eat food that you like. So go grab a delicious bite and take a minute. Think things through over a big piece of Tiramisu.
  5. Take Some Time and Meditate – Meditation is another excellent method to work through some of those bad feelings and thoughts. When you’re tilty, you’re thinking irrationally. Meditation can help clear up those crazy thoughts and replace them good ones!

When you’re not feelin’ right, get your head straight first before hitting the casino floor. Keep the casino full of good times with laughs and fun! Try to avoid tilt and stay on your A-game!


-The Wolf

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