5 Games to Stay Away from at the Casino

5 Games to Stay Away from at the Casino

5 Games to Stay Away from at the Casino

When we go to the casino we’re always trying to get lucky and hit it big. Let’s keep in mind that the casino somehow gives out “free” drinks, food, and rooms as long as you come play their games. All of those fun carnival games set up around the casino floor are bringing in money. They don’t pay the bills by giving money away. So let’s take a look at the games on that floor that make the biggest donations to the house!

1. Ken0 – House Edge 25-29%

Casino Keno gambling

Keno is a game in which the player usually picks numbers on a card and then 20 random numbers are drawn. Pays are based on the amount of your numbers that are chosen. This game has some of the worst odds in the casino. The large payouts in keno are always appealing but the likelihood of “catching” your numbers is pretty slim. It is a very slow paced game so you’re money will last a long time. The payouts compared to the likelihood of winning is where that huge house edge comes into play.

2. Big Six – House Edge 11-22%

Big Six wheel game at the casino gambling

This big wheel is another sucker bet on the casino floor. It will make your bankroll last a little while and it’s fun to play with a few people but don’t expect to win big here. The various numbers that can be hit skew the likelihood of your choice being selected. With the payouts displayed on the wheel, you can see that it isn’t easy to win here. There are electronic and live versions of this game. If you just want to play a few spins to get a free drink, definitely keep the bets low and stall as long as you can till your beverage arrives.

3. Slots – House Edge 2-15%

Slot machines at the casino gambling

The one-armed bandits are definitely a huge money maker for the house. They don’t require anyone to operate the games and they never turn off. These machines allow you to dump your money in and take your chances privately. People enjoy not having to think or know how to play the game. Those little mini-games and themes make these games loads of fun to play. Usually the higher denomination games have a higher payback percentage (nickels pay a better percentage than pennies, quarters pay a better percentage than nickels, and so forth). They are easy to play but very difficult to win. Always a good spot to sit and wait for a drink though!

4. Roulette – House Edge 5.26%

Casino gambling roulette table

Roulette is that game where you get to put pretty little chips all over the board and hope the ball lands on the spot that corresponds with your bets. You can bet on pretty much everything, including even or odd, black or red, blocs of numbers, or specific numbers. The house edge comes into play when they add those green 0’s in there. Those 0’s skew the odds of you hitting your numbers for the bets and that’s how the house takes a little extra. The straight up bets usually pay 35 to 1 when you have a 1 in 38 chance of hitting. That little “commission” that the house takes is what messes up your odds. Although the odds aren’t terrible, they are still pretty favorable for the house. If you can find roulette with only one “0” on the wheel, you can shave the house edge down to about 2.7%. This is a social game and you can have fun with it. Just don’t get carried away and think you’ll take home the farm!

5. Let It Ride – House Edge 3.51%

Let It Ride casino game gambling

Let It Ride is a pretty popular casino game that involves the player being dealt 3 cards and making wagers according to the strength of their hand. The player puts out 3 bets at the beginning of the hand and can take 1 of the bets back to reveal another card. The payouts look enticing in this game (1-1 for pair of tens or better, 2-1 for 2 pairs, 3-1 for 3-of-a-kind, and so on). With three bets out there to begin, the player has a chance of being paid their initial bet 3 times in relation to the hand they make. People like their odds at making a winning hand but it’s much harder than it sounds. There are also side bets to this game that have a pretty hefty house edge. The casino is always looking for more ways to put more of your money on their tables. This game will run you dry pretty quickly unless you get pretty lucky.

I hope this little guide has helped your beautiful bankroll survive the vicious casino floor. Always remember to have fun when you’re playing. I know you may see your favorite games in this list and you can still play them, but know that the odds are against you. Bet with your head, not over it. Have fun and good luck!


-The Wolf

For more information about odds in the casino and house edge, check out the Wizard of Odds. Great information about gambling and gaming!

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