2016 June

    Back on that Las Vegas Roller Coaster Back on that Las Vegas Roller Coaster Back on that Las Vegas Roller Coaster Back on that Las Vegas Roller Coaster Back on that Las Vegas Roller Coaster

So as you all may know, my birthday was last week and I needed to get back out to my second home, Las Vegas. I booked the flight and hotel package with Allegiant Air and got a pretty good deal. It was about $200 for the flight and room at the Flamingo. I was going to be in Vegas from 5/29 to 6/2.

When the time finally rolled around, I packed my bags and headed to the airport with my hopes and dreams of what I know Vegas can be. About 10 minutes before the flight, I get an update that the flight is being delayed for 2 hours. Can you believe this garbage? I’ve never had a problem with this airline so I guess I would just stay cool and wait it out in the terminal. The plane was ready to go and I was up in the air on my way to Vegas.

I landed and had a friend pick me up and drop me at the hotel. I always love getting a picture of the view as soon as I get in.

Evening View From the Room Strip Las Vegas

It’s always hard to take pictures with a window there because of that glare. I still think it looks pretty cool and I loved the coliseum on the right. Another beautiful evening on the Strip. I noticed that I was pretty hungry because flying always makes you feel like you haven’t eaten in years. I grabbed a voucher off of MyVegas for Nine Fine Irishmen and made my way down the Strip to New York New York.

Had no problems getting the voucher and proceeded to feed my face.

Fish and Chips at Nine Fine Irishmen NY NY Las Vegas New York New York

I think the fish and chips are one of the best things here. I can’t tell you guys enough how good that crispy crust with light flaky fish on the inside tastes. I got a shepherds pie on the side because I need to good hearty nourishment to go with it. So good! Just a hearty pot full of potatoes, meat, and mixed veggies. If you go there, you better get it.

After dinner, I wanted to squeeze in a poker session over at Excalibur. The game seemed pretty soft and I was just catching some good cards. I ran it up a little (~$50) and ended the day on a positive note. It was time to get some rest after a day that started off a little rough.

There were some deals that I wanted to take advantage of in the in-flight magazine. I went ahead and bought the 3-day pass for the RTC buses in Vegas. An easy and cheap way to get downtown and around the strip. When I got down to Fremont Street, I noticed a guy who was straight out of Vegas history. He just fit the scene so well.

Man Standing on Fremont Street Las Vegas

He reminded me of what Vegas really means. I even cropped it and put an antique photo effect on him.

Antique Version of Guy Standing on Fremont Street Las Vegas

Can’t even tell that this dude was from last week. Keep lookin’ toward the sky fella!

He was right next to the Golden Gate Casino where I needed to redeem a $50 match play. A match play is simply when you put a certain amount down as a bet and the house will match the amount. It’s basically a $100 bet for the price of $50. I had never been in this casino and it has a great old school gangster feel, like a shady cardroom/speakeasy feel. It’s all an act but it was done really well. Here are some antique slot machines they had on display and just added more character to this place.

Antique Slot Machines at Golden Gate Casino Fremont Street Las Vegas

I threw the $50 match play on a hand of blackjack and BAM! There goes $50. I got up and made a small stop at the craps table where I made a quick $65 come up. You just have to know when to walk away. A lot of people come up at the craps table and just keep pushing their luck.

I always love the Fremont Street area. It embodies so much of what Vegas is and where it has come from. If you ever get out there, make sure you spend at least one day over there.

I took the bus back to the Strip for a couple poker sessions. I ran pretty well at Excalibur for a quick $100 come up and then made my way back to the Flamingo for the late night game and made another quick $90. After a rough first day of travel, the trip was startin’ to look up.

Southwest Sun Setting over the Mountains from the Strip Las Vegas

I love these warm Summer days in Vegas. Stick around for the birthday celebration and see how the second half of this trip panned out. Let me tell you right now, it gets better. I’m already trying to get back there and get my hands in those pots. Let’s stack chips together! Until then, good luck and cheers!


-Up and Down Wolf