2016 May

Creative Juices Flowing

Creative Juices Flowing

I know I haven’t been writing as much as usual but things are in the making. Winter always has my mind going and Spring brings new projects and change. I’ve created a new work space and I’m ready to take on these new projects head on. I’ve created a Twitch channel called VagabondsEdge. I’ve always loved playing games and I think it’s a great way to connect with everyone here. I will be playing some poker on there along with some other games if you are interested. We can talk about anything that is on your mind and you can ask anything you like. Feel free to stop in and say hi!

I am still on the road quite a bit and I will continue to keep you all updated on where I am headed. I have a new trip to Vegas planned for this weekend and I’m excited to get out there for WSOP season. If you’re going to be out there for Memorial Day, let me know and we’ll grab a drink. Things are always changing and it’s a good idea to never get stagnant. I know it feels crazy when things get busy and you just want to let some projects go, but don’t give up and wait till your hard work starts bearing fruit. I’m excited to take on the new projects and see where this whole thing takes me. I hope to see you all around and on my Twitch channel. Until we meet again, cheers and good luck!


-Creative Wolf

Time to Let It Ride

Time to Let It Ride

First, I wanted to update everyone on how my little investment went. Jonathan Little had a pretty good run in one of the events at the Hard Rock Poker Open and I was able to get a little something on top of my initial investment.

Staking money from Jonathan Little in Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in Hollywood, Florida

It’s always nice to get your money in good and have it pay off. A big thanks to Jonathan Little as well, playing strong and stacking chips.

I took this little bit of money and thought it would be fun to hit up the Mother’s Day special bingo games over at Colusa Casino. This is a little casino resort in northern California, out in the boonies. I figured it was worth a trip out there to check it out and play some bingo.

Mother's Day Bingo at Colusa Casino California

I bought the specials and the little computer thing that has the extra games in it and a brand new dauber.

Between a bunch of I-24’s and G-57’s, I came up short with the luck. The grandmamma’s were gettin’ it though. I’m glad they were having a good day and makin’ that money. They deserve it. Spend time and be good to your mommas.

Bingo is a great way to gamble all day on a budget and your odds of winning actually aren’t too horrible. Just have fun with it and relax as you stamp those numbers.

Colusa does a great job with their bingo hall and calling. They were organized, paid well, and were accommodating of everyone there. Check it out if you get the chance and take momma or grandma with you.

Colusa Casino California

Summer and WSOP season are right around the corner and it’s time to live it up. I will keep you all updated with my travels and gambles. Stay tuned for all of the action. Until next time, cheers and good luck!


-Stamping Wolf

Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to the Casino

Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to the Casino

Before you run off to the casino with all of your cash in hand, there are a few things I think you should know about this place. Everyone has that dream of hitting it huge and having an extravagant trip. Here’s a list of a few things I wish someone told me before my first few times.

  • The House Will Always Win

No matter how many times I say this, people always think that they’re the exception and that they can beat the house. Let me remind you, YOU CAN’T BEAT THE HOUSE! They don’t make it a business to give away huge sums of money to everyone who walks through those doors. You need to be ok with losing that money you came with and make it a point to not keep pulling more out. The casino won’t tell you to stop giving them money!

  •  Pace Yourself

If you are going to be at the casino for a few days, don’t go big and get stuck. It’s always a good idea to budget out your money for “X” amount of dollars per day that you’re willing to lose. Not only will this limit how much you can lose, it will also make the trip a lot more enjoyable. I’ve seen too many people lose their entire bankroll within hours of getting to the casino. Don’t be that person that has to hang out in the room and watch TV while the rest of the crew is living it up. This also goes for drinks! You want to remember at least some of your trip. Don’t be blackout drunk the whole time.

  • The Game Will Always Be There

I get it, you’re on a hot streak and you want to keep stacking those chips. I’ve been there and it feels like nothing else matters. Well, things do matter away from those tables. If you brought your kids or friends or family, don’t neglect them to keep gambling. The game will go on forever. Don’t worry. Spend that time with those loved ones and don’t neglect them. If you are stuck (lost a bunch of money), don’t chase those losses and neglect your family. That’s a sign of addiction! Let the game go, have fun with your family, and you can get back in the game at any time.

  • If You’re Not Sure, Ask

You’d be surprised what you can get if you just ask. The casino is designed to keep people there and playing. They will give you discounted or free everything as long as you stay and play. You can ask for better liquor, free rooms, free food, or to even change a channel on a TV in the casino. As long as it’s not disturbing the other guests, they love to accommodate. You really just have to ask. Being polite helps a lot too!

  • Check Out The Whole Place

Casinos usually have a lot to offer other than gambling. Of course, the casino floor is their bread and butter and they would love to keep you gambling the whole time. They know that people won’t come to simply gamble the whole time and if they offer other amenities, more people will be willing to stay there. Take a few minutes when you first get there to take a look around the place and see if there are things everyone might enjoy away from the tables too. Exploring is always a good idea!

  • Have Fun

People tend to get caught up with winning money and worried about how much they’re losing. You came to the casino to have fun, so do that. Bring friends and have some drinks. Play cards or craps and keep things light. Don’t get all tilty and ruin your friends’ good time. You want to get invited on these trips more often and no one wants to invite the person who fights and gets mad. Trust me, go to have fun and enjoy what the casino has to offer. The casino always has a price, they just do a good job of hiding all of the costs!

I hope these tips help and let me know how those casino trips go. Let’s hit the tables and have a good time. Good luck!


-Wise Wolf