2015 December

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I don’t usually get to see my family around holidays because they know I don’t like traveling around holidays. This holiday season my family decided to meet down in Southern California before Christmas so we could all spend some time together. Since it’s just down the road, I drove down to see them so we would have a car to get around in. The drive was fine until I got to the Grapevine when I ran into an hour and half of traffic.

Hittin' the Grapevine on I-5 Los Angeles Southern California

I always hate taking pictures in the car because the glare from the windshield.

I arrived at LAX to pick my mom up. I hadn’t seen her in over a year and it was good to see her again. The rest of my family wasn’t coming in until the next day so I thought it would be cool to take her out to Vegas for a night. The next day we got up and drove out to Vegas and picked up my blazer that I had left at the Excalibur my last trip.

Got my jacket back from Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada

After that, we checked-in at Harrah’s and picked up the show tickets to Zarkana. I know that I have already seen Zarkana but I always like to check out the shows to see if my mom would enjoy them. For dinner, I thought it would be nice to dig into a pile of crab legs at the Aria Buffet. She’s the one that taught me what I know about saving money and eatin’ well.

Eating Aria Buffet with my Momma Las Vegas, Nevada

After several plates of crab legs, clams, and mussels, it was time for the show. We both enjoyed the dinner and show and called it a night pretty early. I didn’t even hit the poker room while I was over in Vegas. There are just more important things than gambling and poker. We knew we had to be back in Southern California to spend time with the rest of our family.

My brother let me know that he made plans for all of us to go to Medieval Times. I knew my nephews would love the horses and knights so quickly ran back across the desert to get back. By the time we made it back, it was time to head out to Medieval Times.

Waiting for Medieval Times to Start with my Nephew Buena Park, California

There was a little wait before dinner so I got a few photos with my nephew in the throne. It’s always good to see them and spend some time with the kids. It was time to enter the medieval arena and cheer for king and country.

Dressage Horse at Medieval Times Buena Park, California

The lights, music, and horses put on a great performance while we waited for the food to be served. The meal begins with half of a baked chicken. Oh yeah, there is no silverware so be prepared to eat with your hands.

Chicken Dinner at Medieval Times Buena Park, California

I couldn’t wait to dig in and had to get started before the rest of the meal was served. The hunger just overcame me. Later, the baked potato and corn came.

Eating with Your Hands at Medieval Times Buena Park, California

I know it looks like a mess but it was quite tasty. Juicy, succulent chicken and buttery corn and potato. The potato was a little dry but it still hit the spot. After I finished the food I sat back and enjoyed the choreographed medieval games before me.

Jousting at Medieval Times Buena Park, California

The jousting was exciting with actual lances that exploded on impact. After they were thrown from the horses they began the ground skirmish.

Battle from Medieval Times Buena Park, California

It was great spending time with the people you love and getting to share these experiences with them. I know it can be a little corny and childish but sometimes that’s the best kind of fun. You just have to be a kid sometime and enjoy the simple things in life. It’s nice to see familiar faces and just be close to the people you love. Never forget the people that really matter and savor the moments. Stay posted because the trip has just begun!


-Warm Wolf

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Review Reno, Nevada

Right next to the famous “Biggest Little City in the World” sign lies Harrah’s. A shadow of its former glory, trying to hang on against the surrounding giants. Harrah’s continues to stand tall and try to draw in the people of Reno. A few cosmetic touches and revamping the casino floor is definitely needed to breathe some new life into this place. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

The Room – 6/10

Room at Harrah's Reno, Nevada

The room was nothing to write home about but it did have it’s charm. Everything was clean and in order. It wasn’t a huge room, but there was room to put your things. I did like having the extra seats and little table in case you need to eat some leftovers to cure that hangover. The TV seemed tiny on the long dresser that acted as the entertainment center. The bathroom was nice with the stone countertop and clean tub. It wasn’t huge but it’ll get you clean. A lot of the upholstery on the chairs and the drapes seemed worn and old. They could definitely use some tender care. The artwork didn’t really add anything and just seemed to keep the walls from being bare. With the big, comfy bed as the centerpiece, the room is a nice place to lay it down for the night.

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