2015 November

    All Good Things Must End All Good Things Must End All Good Things Must End All Good Things Must End All Good Things Must End All Good Things Must End

Vegas is one of those places you have to take a day at a time. After Zarkana, I just wanted to enjoy the end of my days in Vegas and hit the poker room. I played at the Flamingo, Harrah’s, and Mandalay Bay. There were little ups and downs but eventually I made my way back to the Excalibur for one more buy-in. In my last hand, I went all-in on the turn after making two-pair with my 5-6 off-suit. Someone else made a straight on that turn and it sent me to bed. But before I went up, I had to get one of those pizzas from the Pizza Joint at the Flamingo.

Pizza from the Pizza Joint in Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada

That pizza hit the spot and ended Vegas on a good note.

The next day was Thanksgiving and I didn’t have any plans for the holiday. I figured Universal Studios was only 4 hours away and it would be an awesome way to end the trip with a bang. I finished the leftover pizza and started the trek through the desert.

It wasn’t long before I arrived at Universal Studios and enjoyed the short lines and cool weather.

Universal Studios Globe at Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s always a good idea to take the studio tour while the sun is still up so I went there first. I knew the other rides were indoor so the light wouldn’t affect those rides too much.

Amity Island from Jaws Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s always cool seeing the sets from movies from the past and enjoying the memories. Checking out Jaws and those cheesy animatronics.

The next stop was the Bates Motel and the house from Psycho!

Motel Bates Universal Studios Hollywood

And a studio tour wouldn’t be complete without a crash site and complete mayhem. The studio tour is definitely the best part of Universal Studios.

Disaster Area from War of the Worlds Universal Studios Hollywood

With the sun going down, it was time to hit up the rides and other attractions. Springfield is a great part of the park and the Simpsons ride is the best. If you make your way down there, you have to ride the Simpsons ride. It’s nothing like anything you’ll ever experience anywhere else.

Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

It was getting chilly and the day was coming to an end. I decided to check out the Water World show before I called it a day and made the long drive home.

Water World Show Universal Studios Hollywood

I thought the show would be boring and cheesy but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Sure, it had its corniness, but it was was fun and I enjoyed the effects throughout the show. After it was all over, I made my way back to the car and started the long drive back home. What a great way to end the week.

Curtain Close at Zarkana at Aria in Las Vegas, Nevada

All good things must come to an end and it was time to get back to the real world. I hope you all enjoyed the trip and will join me for the next one. Time to get some much needed rest and prepare for my next adventure. Until next time, good luck and enjoy the ride!


-Weary Wolf

    Take It a Day at a Time Take It a Day at a Time Take It a Day at a Time Take It a Day at a Time Take It a Day at a Time

So Vegas has definitely been action packed so far. I’ll take you through it a day a time.

Monday in Vegas started with a short drive off of the strip over to Red Rock Casino to enjoy a free buffet (compliments of MyVegas).

Red Rock Casino Entrance Las Vegas, Nevada

I figured if I was in Vegas for Thanksgiving I might as well have a great feast everyday I was here. Other than the long line, the buffet here definitely did not let me down. Great selection, delicious food, and wonderful service.

Red Rock Buffet Food Las Vegas, Nevada

I usually don’t advise getting pizza at a buffet (don’t want to fill up on bread) but that Stromboli was amazing. Delicious garlicky red sauce, fresh pepperoni, and crispy flaky crust. After stuffing my face, I was ready to get back to the strip and get the cards in the air. On the way out, a Goldfish slot machine caught my eye and I decided to give it a whirl.

Goldfish Slot Machine

The Goldfish decided to give me a little $70 boost to my bankroll which I gladly accepted. Then, I made my way tot he Excalibur and jumped into the action in the poker room. A new game was starting and I was definitely running hot. I flopped quad queens with a suited queen-jack and the lady at the other end of the table had pocket aces. Needless to say, all of the money went into the pot and I doubled up and got to spin the bonus hand wheel for an extra $100. It was definitely a good game to be in.

Poker Chips at Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada

All of that chip stacking made me hungry for some fish and chips and there’s only one place to get fish and chips in Vegas: Nine Fine Irishmen. Plus, I had a voucher for some free food over there from MyVegas so I had to make it happen. With a side of Irish Corned Beef Nachos, it was time to dig in.

Fish and Chips and Corned Beef Nachos at Nine Fine Irishmen Las Vegas, Nevada

Succulent fish with crispy light crust with a side of thin sliced potatoes covered in beer cheese sauce and garlic aioli, topped with corned beef. You just can’t go wrong with comfort food. The live music was flowing and there is no better way to enjoy dinner than with Wagon Wheel performed live by a Irish folk band.

Nine Fine Irishmen in New York New York Las Vegas, Nevada

That walk back to the room was a little harder than most walks. I just wanted to lay around and let the day fade away.

Tuesday started off slowly but it was not going to stay that way. I had planned to go see Zarkana that evening but not before another eat-a-thon over at The Buffet at Aria. Using my MyVegas loyalty points for a free buffet and free show ticket, I made Tuesday a day to remember. I always try to make it a point to go to The Buffet at Aria when I come to Vegas because I believe it is the best buffet on the strip. This buffet has a beautiful spread of mussels, shirmp, clams, and crab legs prepared in several different ways for every seafood lover. Add the soft, juicy prime rib and no one is leaving this buffet hungry.

Aria buffet seafood Las Vegas, Nevada

Just look at that spread. That seafood is just too good. Oh yeah, you’re definitely going to want to leave room for dessert too. Their dessert spread will satisfy any sweet tooth. I’m sure if I lived closer to Vegas I would be a fat guy.

Dessert at Aria Buffet Las Vegas, Nevada

After the buffet, it was time to walk next door to the Zarkana theater. I love Cirque Du Soliel and have never seen a bad show. This one lived up to the name. The show revolved a lot around acrobats and circus humor that was actually funny and not too corny. There are definitely cheesy parts but you kind of sign up for that when you go to one of these shows. It’s definitely a show you can take the whole family to and I’m sure you’ll all have a good time.

Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana at Aria Las Vegas, Nevada

All in all, it’s been an action packed wonderful two days. I always enjoy the sights and sounds of Vegas. It’s not all about gambling and drunken debauchery (although those can be great aspects of Vegas too) but also good food, exciting shows, and having a good time. I will keep you posted on the tail end of my trip. Stay tuned and let’s end with a bang!


-Blissful Wolf

Up All Night to Get Lucky

Up All Night to Get Lucky

I took off for Las Vegas last night at about 10:15 P.M. I knew I would be driving through the night but I don’t let anything hold me back. It’s funny how the excitement for a trip wears off so quickly. After about 3 hours in the car, I was ready to take a nap. I toughed it out and let me tell you, those views of the sun rising in the desert did not disappoint.

Sun coming up over the desert hills

I know these pictures never do justice but I love giving you all a taste of the ride. I quickly got to the border of Nevada and I was just ready to lay down and get some sleep. You can just see the enthusiasm for the drive on my face.

Nevada State Line at Clark County

And in case you don’t know, it gets pretty cold out in the desert in the morning. The car was telling me it was 31 degrees out there. I was ready for the home stretch and Las Vegas was only about 30 miles from the border. I just couldn’t wait to see the end.

Driving in to Las Vegas, Nevada

It was great to finally arrive, but I knew that check-in would be a problem because it was a little early. The Excalibur did let me know that I would have to wait until at least 10 A.M. I decided to kill some time and get some food. I took a short walk down the strip, won a quick $60 playing slots, and ate a little breakfast.

New York New York Las Vegas in the Morning

After breakfast, I ran back to Excalibur to try and check-in. I did have to pay a $28 early check-in fee and I wasn’t too excited about being in Tower I (They have 2 towers and tower II are the renovated nicer rooms). I just didn’t have it in me to fight too much and wanted to lay down. I quickly knocked out and now I’m up ready to tackle the strip. I’ll keep you posted and take you on the ups and downs of Vegas!


-Rested Wolf

I’m Thinkin’ of a Master Plan

I’m Thinkin’ of a Master Plan

With the cold of winter approaching, I’ve been slowing my roll and hunkering down. People tend to slow down with the holidays just around the corner. This just gives me more reasons to want to make a quick run.

So it’s been a little while since I’ve been to Vegas and I thought “sure, why not? It won’t be insanely hot and I’d love to check out some of the sites off of the Strip.” I started my planning and decided on a few things that I’d like to check out. You all know I like to travel cheaply so here is a list of the trips savings so far:

  1. Two nights free at Excalibur – $58
  2. Two nights free at the Flamingo – $74
  3. Free ticket to Zarkana from MyVegas – $130
  4. Three or four free meals from MyVegas – ~$100

Total of $362 of savings.

With free drinks flowing in the casinos, I would say that’s a nice addition to my bankroll.

I usually fly out there but I think I’m going to enjoy a nice long ride through the desert. Las Vegas and I have always had a love-hate relationship but she always calls me back with her bright lights and dreams of grandeur. I will be heading out on Saturday to the land of dreams and sorrow.

Stay posted to see how it all unfolds.


-Faithful Wolf

Down a Slippery Slope

Down a Slippery Slope

This past weekend was the beginning of the World Series of Poker Circuit Event over at Harveys in South Lake Tahoe. I wanted to get out there and check out the action.

The drive up there was gorgeous as usual but I should have checked the weather for the whole weekend. I got a few comped nights over at Harveys which is always a plus. I know they were giving deals on the rooms as long as you mentioned the WSOP (World Series of Poker).  The events were packed, the cards were flying, and the action was live. I had never seen that room so packed.

World Series of Poker Chairs at Harveys South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

I played a couple sit-and-go tournaments with little luck. It’s hard to win when you get your chips in with pocket 9’s and get called by Ace-7 and this guy catches runner-runner 7’s. Just my luck. I knew I wasn’t running too hot but I wanted to play the $365 2-day event. After seeing the weather starting to get a little worse, I thought I should hold off on it. The only bad thing about Tahoe in the fall is the weather. You better be very flexible with your days because you might be hanging out a little longer than expected.

Snowing Wintertime in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

When I got up on Monday, the snow was really coming down. I saw a little break in the weather and the road conditions seemed safe enough to make my way back home. I decided to gamble on the weather and take my chances on the drive back. There was some snow but it was never too dangerous.

Always check the weather before you head out there and make sure you don’t need to be anywhere because you just might get snowed in. I’m sure I’ll be back soon Tahoe and I’ll take my shot at the WSOP events. Stay frosty South Lake.


-Arctic Wolf