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5 Ways to Reduce Tilt

5 Ways to Reduce Tilt

Have you ever caught pocket 8’s, flop a set, and run into a bigger set? Or turn your straight only to have someone suck out a flush on the river? It could even happen at the blackjack table when you double down on a ten to get twenty, only to have the dealer hit a 4 card twenty-one. Or have you ever hit the craps table to have a shooter hit a point, seven out, hit a point, seven out, so on, and so on?

I’m sure when these things continue to happen they make you want to throw some cards or punch someone. This is what we like to call tilt. There are a lot of things that can set someone on tilt. Sometimes it doesn’t even occur at the table. A fight with your boo or someone getting the big promotion at work can send you to the tables, only to play worse (or take more risk) than you usually would. Emotions can get the best of us sometimes (especially if we have some drinks to go with those feelings). This usually leads to disaster in our emotional, psychological, and financial well-being. Plus, if you aren’t having fun, why are you playing? The casino is not the place to take out frustrations and be angry.

No one is immune to it but there are definitely ways to fight against it.

  1. Walk Away From the Game or Table – It’s always a good idea to take a step back and clear your head. Usually when we go on tilt we just aren’t thinking straight. Take a walk and think it through. Let yourself work through the frustration or emotions.
  2. Talk to Someone About What’s Bothering You – Call someone or talk in person about what is bothering you or what has you steaming. I always think it’s a good idea to have someone to talk to when you may not be thinking clearly. Take a minute and let them know what’s buggin’ you.
  3. Get Some Physical Exercise – Exercise and moving the body has a great impact on your physical and mental state. Gettin’ those endorphins going is never a bad idea. Sweat out those bad feelings, hit the showers, and then you can get back in the game.
  4. Get Something to Eat – ┬áThe human body releases endorphins whenever you eat food that you like. So go grab a delicious bite and take a minute. Think things through over a big piece of Tiramisu.
  5. Take Some Time and Meditate – Meditation is another excellent method to work through some of those bad feelings and thoughts. When you’re tilty, you’re thinking irrationally. Meditation can help clear up those crazy thoughts and replace them good ones!

When you’re not feelin’ right, get your head straight first before hitting the casino floor. Keep the casino full of good times with laughs and fun! Try to avoid tilt and stay on your A-game!


-The Wolf

Excalibur Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Excalibur Hotel Casino Review Las Vegas, Nevada

Down on the South end of the Strip, you can feel like royalty when you stay at the Excalibur. A medieval-themed hotel and casino, the Excalibur tries to recreate a regal, majestic atmosphere fit for a king. Let’s take a look at how the Excalibur stacks up!

The Room – 7/10

Hotel Room at Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada

Upon arrival, the room isn’t anything to write home about. It was pretty clean but looked a little dingy. It’s probably pretty tough to keep that many rooms in excellent shape. There was no trash or stains, just signs of wear. The bed was pretty comfortable and looked clean. No tub is always a downer. The standing shower will get the job done but that’s about it. The decor has been slightly modernized with medieval accent pieces. They don’t seem to blend very well. There was no garbage that will charge to your room if you move it. It’s not a bad room but it’s nothing really special. Just a place to lay your head after a long day of hittin’ the Strip.

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    Day In, Day Out Day In, Day Out Day In, Day Out Day In, Day Out Day In, Day Out Day In, Day Out

I made the decision to go out of town later in the day on Sunday. I figured I would have a relaxing weekend in town but quickly found myself wasting the day away and growing bored. So I packed a bag, filled my tank, and started heading for the hills. I figured I’m getting pretty good at this caution to the wind winging it.

Street Vibrations in Downtown Reno, Nevada

When I got there, I was catching the tail end of Street Vibrations. All of the beautiful, powerful, custom chrome on two wheels. These motorcycles were gorgeous but I had a different mission in mind. I checked in at Harrah’s and decided to try the buffet. I had never eaten at Carvings but I’m always up for the challenge.

Carvings Buffet in Harrah's Reno, Nevada

There was a pretty good selection of hot pan foods varying in saltiness. It wasn’t the best buffet. You’ll probably find something that’s a little better than everything else and fill up on that. I did eat the prime rib and it was decent. Wasn’t seasoned too well but cooked to the correct temperature (and yes, medium-rare is the correct temperature). The real crowned jewel in this smorgasbord were the dessert crepes.

Dessert at Carvings Buffet in Harrah's Reno, Nevada

These bad boys are made to order with an array of fillings and toppings. I went with the wonderful banana Nutella crepe. I could not get enough of it. It wasn’t too heavy but definitely rich and and sweet with the nuttiness coming through. Definitely have one (or a few) if you ever make your way to the buffet at Harrah’s.

After dinner, it was time to get in the poker room. I took a short walk over tot he Eldorado and found a seat in the 1-2 no-limit game. There were a few familiar faces and it seemed like a pretty friendly table. I played pretty tight and the cards just weren’t coming. I made one good shove with pocket 8’s and he decided to let the hand go. I ended the session up about $60. I figured I would call it a night and keep my bankroll intact for the next day.

Poker Chips at the Eldorado Reno, Nevada

I cashed out and took a little walk around the streets of downtown Reno. With the festival winding down, I saw a a little joint around the corner called Doc Holliday’s Saloon. Always like to pay homage to the old cowboys and gamblers of the past.

Doc Holliday's Saloon in Reno, Nevada

After a few drinks, I decided to hit the hay.

I got a good night’s sleep and the day was filled with potential. I wanted to try out Hash House A Go Go downstairs and order the chicken and waffles. I had no idea what to expect but they blew my mind.

Chicken and Waffles at Hash House A Go Go Reno, Nevada

Delicious sage crust, golden, fluffy waffles, and fried leeks surrounding this beautiful plate. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the waffles had thick strips of bacon inside them. This monstrous brunch was ready to be devoured. I wasted no time and got to work, son.

I wanted to get over to Peppermill, the best poker room in Reno, and get in a game before the Monday night football crowd got in. I found a seat there and prepared play for a while. A few hands in, I got pocket 6’s and was able to limp in and see a cheap flop. I flopped quads. I figured I would just slow-play it and see if anyone would dump some more money in the pot. I was only able to get a few more dollars but I got the high-hand bonus of $100. My hand also held up for the next few hours and I won another $100 for the high-hand from 2-6 P.M. It was just a great game to be in. The cards kept coming and I ended up walking with an extra $400. Bonus, they were serving sliders and potato salad as long as you were playing. Free dinner and fatter wallet, win-win.

I was saddened knowing I had to head back in the morning and get back to work but there are things we must do. I got to bed early with money in my pocket and food in my tummy.

I got up bright and early and began my drive back home. Before I could get in the car, the beauty of Reno just slowed me down for a moment.

Sunrise Over Reno Hills

Sometimes you just had to stop for a minute and soak in surroundings. Breathing in that cold air and let the colors wash over me. Don’t miss these moments, stop and feel it.

I won’t be gone too long. Keep the lights on and the cards coming.


-Blessed Wolf